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#276  Jun 22, 2018    email version


If a female employee resume work before the end of the maternity leave, is she entitled to claim double wages?


We have a female employee coming back to the office two months earlier than the expiration of her maternity leave. Now she is requesting double wages for the two months for which she came back to work early. Should such claim be supported?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 养老保险基金中央调剂制度7月1日起实施

    The central adjustment system for old-age insurance fund will be implemented as of July 1.


    The State Council recently printed and distributed the Notice on Establishing the Central Adjustment System for the Basic Old-age Insurance Fund of Enterprise Employees, which decides to set up the central adjustment system for the old-age insurance fund. This system will be implemented as of July 1, 2018. The main contents of the central adjustment system is to set up a central adjustment fund for the old-age insurance fund on the basis of the existing overall planning at provincial level regarding the basic old-age insurance covering enterprise employees, so as to appropriately adjust the old-age insurance fund in each province and ensure the release of the basic old-age pension in full on time.

  • 个税起征点由每月3500元提高至5000元

    The threshold of individual income tax rises from RMB 3,500 to RMB 5,000 on a monthly basis.


    The high-profile draft amendments to the Individual Income Tax Law were submitted to the Third Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress for deliberation on June 19. This is the seventh amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law since its introduction in 1980 and will be subject to substantial changes. The threshold of individual income tax rises from RMB 3,500 to RMB 5,000 on a monthly basis.

  • 日本:解决劳动力短缺 要海外招工50万 允许公务员做兼职

    Japan to recruit 500,000 overseas workers and allow civil servants to take part-time jobs to address labor shortage


    Japan adopted a new immigration policy on June 15, which would allow up to 500,000 overseas workers to enter the country in the next seven years so as to mitigate labor shortage. In parallel, the Japanese government has initiated the adjustment of officially allowing civil servants to take part-time jobs. This will lift the ban that civil servants can take part-time jobs only for the sake of “public welfare activities".

  • 俄罗斯:拟逐步提高退休年龄

    Russia intends to raise its retirement age gradually


    The Russian government approved of a series of bills on raising the retirement age of both men and women on June 14, which is ready for submission to the parliament. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev introduced the above bills at a government meeting on the same day, and said that “we’ve been dragging our heels on this issue” and the government now proposed to gradually raise the retirement age as of 2019, which would rise to 65 for men in 2028 and 63 for women in 2034.

  • 2000人


    According to sources on June 14, Meizu has started the mid-year layoff on a large scale involving more than 2,000 people, among whom 1,500 are contracted employees and over 600 are Meizu’s service personnel for third parties. Reportedly, the layoff of service personnel for third parties has come to an end. As a response, Meizu said they heard nothing about this.

  • 9%


    Recently, employees of Tesla were informed that the company would shed 9% of its jobs. Tesla has recruited 8,000 new employees in total since the beginning of this year, making its total headcount to 46,000. Close to 4,100 employees would be laid off.

  • 50%


    Recently, the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China released the statistical bulletin on the health care development of 2017. According to the bulletin, there were 17.58 million newborns in 2017, with second births comprising over 50%. Relevant personnel of the National Health Commission explained that the data show the universal two-child policy is having effect gradually and that the scale of newborns remain stable.

  • 5日


    Recently, the government of Hong Kong SAR proposed the extension of the paternity leave from 3 days to 5 days. The proposal still entails consent of the Legislative Council, so does its effective date. If it is successfully passed, fathers of infants born on or after the effective date can enjoy 5 days of statutory paternity leave.

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