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#28  May 03, 2013    email version


Can the employer terminate the employment contract of the employee who provides false diploma certificate?


The fraud by one party and the entering into employment contract are the cause and effect. By fraud, it must satisfy the above two conditions so that the employment contract is void.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:养老金贬值风险加大 投资不只靠入市

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Risk of Old-age Pension Depreciation Increases — Investment Shall Not Solely Rely on Capital Markets


    Human Resources and Social Security spokesperson Yin Chengji recently said new methods should be further studied and formulated for the investment and operation of social insurance funds as well as their value retention and increase. He expressed that part of the old-age pension will enter capital markets, but this should only constitute one aspect of old-age pension investments.

  • 广东5月1日起执行新最低工资标准

    Guangdong Will Implement New Minimum Wage Standard from May 1


    Guangdong's new minimum wage standard will be officially implemented from May 1. Employing units that pay employees less than the new minimum wage standard and fail to make up the difference within the stipulated period of time after being ordered so will face extra payment of 50%-100% penalties as compensation.

  • 上海:签订2年以上劳动合同可申请公租房

    Shanghai: Those Signing Two-year Labor Contracts Can Apply for Public Rental House


    Shanghai Municipal Housing Support and Building Administration Bureau recently revised the Measures for the Review of Qualifications on Those Applying for Shanghai Built Public Rental Houses, loosening the access conditions for public rental houses where units act as the lessee to those signing labor contracts with units of Shanghai with a contract term of more than 2 years' (including), without any requirements on the residence permit or the period of social insurance contribution.

  • 天津:劳资双方不缴少缴社保约定无效

    Tianjin: Agreements Between Employing Unit and Employee on No or Less Contribution of Social Insurance Are Invalid


    The Regulations on Several Matters Related to the Implementation of the Labor Contract Law promulgated by Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will be enacted on May 1. It provides that the agreements between the employing unit and employee on the no or less contribution of social insurance are invalid.

  • 4.1%


    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security spokesperson Yin Chengji said that from January to March, a total of 3.42 million new urban jobs were created, and 1.37 million urban residents were re-employed; urban residents who have difficulty finding jobs were in 420,000, and the registered urban unemployment rate at the end of Q1 was 4.1%.

  • 28.24%


    Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau revealed that in 2013, there would be 229,000 graduates of colleges and universities in Beijing, with 84,000 Beijing hukou graduates. By April 19, the signing rate for students graduating from colleges in Beijing has reached 28.24%.

  • 25%


    A recent survey shows that employees' use of social networks like Facebook is no longer a luxury or operational need. 25% of the surveyed said they would not work for a company banning the use of social media.

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