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#283  Aug 10, 2018    email version


Can an employer demand dissolving contract on the ground that an employee has suffered from schizophrenia?


Medically, schizophrenia is a kind of mental diseases. Whether labor relations can be dissolved depends critically on whether the employee is in the period of medical treatment.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 四川:今年起逐年调整养老保险缴费基数下限

    Sichuan: Adjusting the Lower Limit of Payment Base of Endowment Insurance Over Year from This Year on


    On August 2, General Office of Sichuan Provincial Government printed and issued “Notice on Issues Concerning the Reinforcement of Revenue and Expenditure Management of Basic Endowment Insurance Funds for Enterprise Staff” to make significant adjustment over the prevailing policy on staff’s endowment insurance. According to the requirements of Notice, the lower limit of payment base of staff’s endowment insurance of each year from 2018 till 2021 shall be adjusted to 45%, 50%, 55% and 60%, respectively, of average wage of incumbent staffs of non-private institutions in cities of the whole province.

  • 浙江:进一步扩大工伤保险覆盖范围

    Zhejiang: Expanding the Coverage of Work-Related Injury Insurance Further


    Recently, Zhejiang Province Human Resources and Social Security Department and other two departments have offered guiding opinions on the work-related injury insurance effected among students of pilot professional technicians’ colleges during their internship and among personnel over the statutory retirement age during their continuing employment, which marks Zhejiang Province has become the first province that has included the above personnel in the scope of work-related injury insurance and security.

  • 家乐福被传正式退出中国 官方回应:未接到相关通知

    Carrefour is rumored to exit China officially, Official Response: No Relevant Notification Has Been Received


    From July 31 on, the message that “Carrefour exits officially from Chinese market” spread throughout the Internet. The main content of the message was “Recently, Carrefour has made an official announcement: The headquarter in France has downsized 2000 personnel and signed provisions on China’s potential investment intent with Tencent and Yonghui. Afterwards, it will shift its focus to e-commerce. To this end, relevant responsible person of Carrefour expresses that no relevant notification has been received and that most branches in the region of Chengdu remain in normal operation.

  • 特斯拉:开始在上海“抢人” 开出三倍工资挖角上汽

    Tesla: Starting to “Capture Talents” in Shanghai by Poaching SAIC at Threefold Pay


    On 5th, Tesla released hot posts in Shanghai factory on its official WeChat account for the first time, including EPC engineering supervisor, project manager of governmental affairs, construction managers, civil engineers, electrical design engineers, etc. One insider tells the journalist: “The factory of Tesla in Shanghai has been capturing talents by offering threefold pay directly, resulting in an exodus of technicians from SAIC.”

  • 1940万元

    近日,上海市第一中级人民法院终审判定手游《Mobile Legends》开发商——上海沐瞳科技有限公司法定代表人徐振华开发运营涉嫌抄袭《王者荣耀》,违反竞业限制协议,支付腾讯公司违约金1940万元。这是目前国内竞业限制案件中判罚金额最大的案件。

    Recently, Shanghai NO.1 Intermediate People’s Court has decided through final judgment that Xu Zhenhua, legal representative for developer of mobile game Mobile Legends - Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd. - is suspected to plagiarize King of Glory during development and operation and violate the non-competition agreement and that he shall pay a penal sum of 19.4 million yuan to Tencent Inc. This is the case involved with the highest sum of penalty among current domestic non-competition cases.

  • 15元


    On August 3, it was learned from Anhui Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department that four departments - Anhui Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, Provincial Administration of Work Safety and Provincial Federation of Trade Unions have recently promulgated Notice on Adjusting the Standard for High Temperature Subsidy in Anhui Province jointly to adjust the standard for high temperature subsidy from 10 yuan per capita per workday at minimum to 15 yuan per capita per workday at minimum.

  • 30000元


    Recently, the data publicized by National Bureau of Statistics indicate the disposable income per capita of national residents is RMB 14063 in the first half of the year. The disposable income per capita of residents in Shanghai and Beijing has exceeded RMB 30,000.00, topping the “first echelon” in the ranking list of residential incomes.

  • 1400人


    After publicizing its global downsizing plan in April this year, Nokia has started its official downsizing action. Recently, senior public relation manager of Nokia expresses that the corporation is consulting and negotiating with the Finland based headquarter for the first round. There will be 1400 people slashed in the first batch, which will be completed within this year.

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