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#285  Aug 24, 2018    email version


Can employee’s arrears be deducted from the compensation for resignation?


An employee of our company came back to work upon expiration of the medical treatment period. After working for a while, he started to ask for sick leave again. Can the medical treatment period be repeatedly enjoyed?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 社保将由税务部门征收 官方公布划转交接时间表

    The social insurance charges shall be collected by taxation departments, with the schedule of transfer and handover publicized officially.


    On the 20th day of this month, a video conference was jointly convened by the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Health Commission and the State Medical Insurance Administration for mobilization and deploying the transfer work of the collection and management duties for social insurance charges and non-tax revenues. It was called for thereat that, the transfer and handover work of the collection and management duties for social insurance charges and the first batch of non-tax revenues should be completed by December 10 in accordance with the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

  • 个税法修正案草案将迎来二审

    The Amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law (Draft) will undergo the second deliberation.


    Recently, the eleventh session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People Congress was convened in Great Hall of the People, and concluded the decision that,the fifth session of the Thirteenth National People Congress would be held in Beijing from August 27 to 31. At the Session, Chairman of the Standing Committee recommended that, the Electronic Commerce Law (Draft) and the Amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law (Draft) would be deliberated at the fifth session of the Thirteenth National People Congress. According to the agenda, the Amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law (Draft) will be subject to the second deliberation.

  • 建议工资按比例缴生育基金 不生二胎退休取

    It’s recommended to contribute to maternity-related funds at a proportion of salary, not to be drawn until retirement for not giving birth to a second child.


    An article from Xinhua Daily sparked heated debate the other day. According to this article, it may be stipulated that citizens less than 40 year old, irrespective of their gender, must make contributions to the maternity-related fund at a given proportion of salary, which will be credited into their personal accounts. Further, where any family fails to give birth to a second child, the maternity-related fund may not be drawn until their retirement.

  • 俏江南:员工追讨“五险一金” 有员工一年未缴纳

    South Beauty: pressed by employees to contribution to “five social insurances and the housing provident fund”, and failing to contribute for some employees for 1 year.


    On the 20th day of this month, some employees of a South Beauty flagship store in Shanghai pressed contributions to their “five social insurances and the housing provident fund”, causing business suspension. According to the journalist, some employees found that, South Beauty had never contributed to “five social insurances and the housing provident fund” for them since their enrollment. The default of “five social insurances and the housing provident fund” dates back as early as to last September.

  • 19%


    According to the Notice on Relevant Issues on the Implementation of Continuing to Cut Social Insurance Rates in a Periodical Manner jointly issued by the Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Finance Department of Guangxi Autonomous Region recently, the contribution ratio for enterprise employees’ basic endowment insurance, applicable to employers in Guangxi will continuously decrease from 20% to 19% from May 1, 2018 to Apr. 30, 2019.

  • 61.5%


    Recently, the joint questionnaire website of the Social Investigation Center of China Youth Daily carried out an investigation into 2004 college students. The results show that 61.5% of investigated students look forward to the connection between enterprises and universities, supposed to offer more high-quality internship positions to them.

  • 80%


    According to the 2018 Employment and Entrepreneurship Investigation Report of Overseas Returnees jointly issued by CCG and zhaopin.com recently, 80% of overseas returnees hold that, their income levels are lower than expected, suggesting a significant inconsistency between actual income and the expected.

  • 8522元


    According to the Talent Recruitment Report in Q2 of 2018 issued by 58.com recently, young white collars tend to hunt jobs in new first-tier cities. Shanghai ranks first with an average monthly salary of 8,522.00 yuan, followed by Beijing and Shenzhen.

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