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#286  Aug 31, 2018    email version


Is the indemnity agreement achieved in private between company and employee on work-related injuries valid?


An employee has suffered a work-related injury, but our company has neither paid any work-related injury insurance nor applied for identification of work-related injury. Now we hope to negotiate with the employee immediately over the work-related injury and sign an indemnity agreement. Would such agreement be valid?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 个税法案二审:五千元起征点不变

    Second Deliberation of Individual Income Tax Law: The threshold of five thousand yuan remains unchanged


    On 27th, amendment (draft) to the individual income tax law was submitted for the second deliberation on the fifth session of the Thirteenth Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. In the second deliberation, the threshold remains unchanged, maintaining 60 thousand yuan per year, namely 5,000 yuan per month, which has been adjusted in the first deliberation. Another new noteworthy change is that expenses on elderly care will also be deducted before tax.

  • 51社保:《中国企业社保白皮书2018》发布

    51 Social Security: The 2018 Social Security White Paper of China released.


    Recently, 51 Social Security has released the “2018 White Paper of Social Security of Chinese Enterprises”. The percentage of enterprises whose social security base is completely compliant has increased to 27% at present, a three percentage point growth compared to last year; meanwhile, there remain 31.7% of enterprises contributing to social security uniformly on the minimum base, according to the white paper. As policy tends to be stringent over the recent years, the situation of compliance has become severe, and compliance of social security base has become a key issue enterprise must pay attention to.

  • 专家:建议让女性休满一年产假 全心全意带孩子

    Experts: Suggestion that females take one full year of maternity leave to nurse newborns devotedly


    Recently, according to media coverage, Professor Yuan Ailing at School of Education, South China Normal University has suggested that the issue of liberating women should be brought up again. While women in the past stepped out of family and participated in social activities and work, at present they should be liberated from occupation and encouraged to give birth to a second child. It is also a job to take good care of children at home. National policies or employers should reach social consensus in compliance with international practices.

  • 中国大学毕业生薪酬榜公布 多数专业平均月薪不到3K

    Emolument list of China’s college graduates publicized, average salary below 3 thousand yuan for most majors


    On August 27, the emolument list of China’s college graduates 2018 was released. As indicated, graduates from 985 and 211 institutes is paid significantly higher than their counterparts from ordinary institutes. Class of 2017 from Tsinghua University have the highest average salary of 9,065 yuan. From the perspective of major, majors in science and engineering are associated with relatively higher pay level; majors in agriculture, jurisprudence and management have lower pays. The average salary of most majors is below 3,000 yuan.

  • 164亿元


    Recently, Alibaba Group released the financial report of Q1 of fiscal year 2019. According to it, the total expenditure on equity incentives to employees is as high as 16.4 billion yuan. So generous are the incentives that it’s the only and sole company among China’s Internet enterprises, so to speak.

  • 98.3亿元


    Recently, MIUI has released its first semiannual report since listed. In the Q2 financial report, administrative expenditure is as high as 10.457 billion yuan, a sharp year-on-year increase of 4,469.6%. MIUI has provided an explanation that it had given equity incentives of as high as roughly 9.83 billion yuan to Lei Jun before listed.

  • 3180


    Recently, a cornerstone laying ceremony has been held for the talent apartment of Gree Electric Appliances Inc.. It is learned that the program of the talent apartment of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. is supposed to be completed by 2021, when check-in with baggages will be made possible as the fully furnished buildings are delivered. This program boosts 3,180 houses, 473 of which have a house type of 40 square meters and 2707 of which occupy 60 square meters each.

  • 7%


    The other day, Yunnan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security rolled out the enterprise wage guidelines of 2018. The upper limit of increase in average enterprise pay in currency is 11%, the baseline is 7%, and lower limit is 2%. The baseline remains unchanged, compared with the previous year.

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