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#288  Sep 14, 2018    email version


Can employees who are touring outside during sick leave be dismissed?


There is one employee of our company who has asked for one-month sick leave. She is touring abroad as discovered in her latest friend circle. Can we hereby dismiss her?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国常会:社保征收机构改革 总体上不增加企业负担

    Executive Meeting of the State Council: Reform over social insurance collection institutions will not increase overall burden on enterprises


    Recently, Mr. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, has presided over an executive meeting of the State Council, stressing that the current national annuities are in much surplus and can be ensured to be issued in full amount on schedule and that the current levying policy shall uniformly be kept unchanged in all places before the reform over social insurance collection institutions is accomplished and scheme shall be worked out to modestly reduce the rate of social insurance premiums so that the overall burden on enterprises will not be increased.

  • 阿里巴巴:马云明年将卸任阿里董事局主席 CEO张勇接任

    Alibaba: Jack Ma to relinquish his office of chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba to CEO Zhang Yong next year


    Recently, Alibaba made an official declaration that Jack Ma will no longer take the office of chairman of the board of directors, which will be succeeded by CEO Zhang Yong by September 10, 2019. As of September 10, 2019, Jack Ma will resume on the office as a member of the board of directors of Alibaba Group until the annual shareholders’ meeting of Alibaba in 2020. In addition to resuming on his office as an associate to Alibaba and making efforts and contributions to the mechanism of associates’ organization, Jack Ma will return to education sector.

  • 国家卫健委“三定”方案出炉 计划生育司全部撤销

    "Fixed Quota" Program of National Health Commission announced, and all family planning divisions revoked


    Recently, according to official website of State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, National Health Commissions functional configurations, internal institutions and manning quotas have been regulated, namely the "three fixed quotas" program has been publicized officially. All three family planning related internal institutions - former grass-roots work guiding division, family development division and service management division for migrant population - have been revoked and turned into a new division for population monitoring and family development.

  • 研究发现:定期休假能延长寿命

    Research Findings: Taking periodic vacations can elongate lifetime


    Recently, on the European congress of cardiology held in Munich, experts suggested everyone take vacations regularly on “sufficient” grounds that: Periodic vacations and temporary leave from work can elongate people’s expected lifetime. Those without periodic vacations tend to work over longer hours with less sleeping time, and all these factors have serious effects on health.

  • 104元


    On September 10, Henan Province decided to adjust the standard on unemployment insurance benefits throughout the province starting from October 1 this year. It will adjust the standard from the previous 1376 yuan, 1256 yuan and 1136 yuan per capita per month to 1520 yuan, 1360 yuan and 1200 yuan, respectively, an average year-on-year increase of 104 yuan per capita per month, or an average growth rate of 8.3%.

  • 5年


    Recently, Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center has issued "Procedures for the Management of Contribution of Housing Provident Fund in Guangzhou (Exposure Draft)" and "Procedures for the Management of Withdrawal of Housing Provident Fund in Guangzhou (Exposure Draft)" to collect opinions from the public. For contributors withdrawing provident funds against rules, their application for withdrawing provident funds shall not be handled within 5 years.

  • 70岁


    According to recent media coverage, the Japanese government will pave way for laborers to continue their work till the age of 70 under voluntary circumstances. The government will also lend support to enterprises that intend to employ the elderly. The contents of the budgetary draft for the fiscal year 2019 will include providing higher subsidies for enterprises employing workers in the middle term of their careers.

  • 43%

    11日, 据媒体报道,43%的美国工人认为他们的薪水偏低,50%的人认为薪酬水平适当,5%的人认为其薪水过高。调查显示,认为薪水过低的工人比例和8年前几乎是一样的。

    On September 11, according to media coverage, 43% of American workers believe their salaries are relatively low, 50% of the workers believe their salaries are modest and 5% of the workers believe their salaries are too high. Investigation indicated that the proportion of workers who believe their salaries are relatively low was almost the same as that 8 years ago.

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