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#289  Sep 21, 2018    email version


Can the company terminate the labor contract with a female employee who falsely claimed before induction that she was unmarried?


A female employee of our company had filled out the information form before induction, indicating that she was unmarried. But we have recently learned that this employee had been married before induction. Can we dismiss her on the ground that the employee has violated the principle of integrity?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 各地保持现有社保政策不变 严禁集中清缴

    Current social insurance policy maintained in all places, and centralized settlement strictly prohibited


    On 18th September, Prime Minister Li Keqiang expressly stressed on the executive meeting of the State Council that the current levying policy on social insurance premiums must be stable in compliance with the deployment of not increasing the overall burden on enterprises as decided definitely by the State Council and that arbitrary adjustment is absolutely not allowed before the reform over social insurance collection institutions is accomplished. Centralized settlement without authorization is strictly prohibited for such issues as irregularity of social insurance premium collection that have evolved over history.

  • 新修订个税法分三阶段实施 保纳税人充分享改革红利

    Newly revised individual income tax law to be implemented through three stages to ensure tax payers to fully enjoy the bonus of reform


    The State Administration of Taxation has recently issued a notice that the newly revised Individual Income Tax Law is to be implemented through three stages: Stage I, the policy preparation over the transitional period by October 1, 2018; Stage II, the policy execution and the implementation preparation of the comprehensive and classified individual income tax system over the transitional period from October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, and; Stage III, full implementation of the new tax system as from January 1, 2019. The policy during the transitional period shall be carried through and implemented resolutely to ensure tax payers to fully enjoy the bonus of reform.

  • 加多宝:东莞基地停产 清远基地减员

    JDB: Production halted at Dongguan base, and staff downsized at Qingyuan base


    According to recent media coverage, relevant persons have revealed that the Dongguan factory of JDB slashed staff and halted production in July and August this year. At present, all the production lines have shut down. Workers uttered their discontent this July, complaining that they had not been paid for two or three months. At the same time, the reporter paid a visit to the JDB s Qingyuan base where some staffs also disclosed that the Qingyuan factory of JDB started to downsize its staff since last year.

  • 小米:公布新一轮组织调整和人事任命

    Xiaomi: A new round of organization adjustment and personnel appointment publicized


    Recently, Lei Jun released an internal mail, announcing the latest organizational structure adjustment and personnel appointment of Xiaomi Group. Xiaomi will establish a group organization department and a group consulting department at the group level, and the four business departments (TV Department, Ecological Chain Department, MIUI Department and Interactive Entertainment Department) will be reconstructed into ten new business departments, the GMs of all of which shall report directly to CEO. This is the greatest organizational structure reform since the foundation of Xiaomi Group.

  • 14.29%


    Recently, the guidance wage levels for human resources market have been released in Shenzhen, increasing by 14.29% above the mean of 2017. The high value, median value, low value and mean value are 25,860 yuan per month, 5,069 yuan per month, 2,882 yuan per month and 6,413 yuan per month, respectively.

  • 5800万


    Recently, a report of World Economic Forum indicates that by 2025 machines will take charge of more jobs in place of human but that there will still be 58 million new jobs in the upcoming five years. Although quite a few jobs will be replaced or "undergo substantial changes" in the future, new job opportunities will also emerge therewith.

  • 42.8万


    Recently, the Analytic Report on the Development of Game Industry and the Characteristics of Talent Demand in 2018 jointly published by CNG and Research Institute of Perfect World Education suggests that, the recruiting number of the game enterprises nationwide is 428,000, of which personnel in game development, game operation and game design take up the primary proportions, as of the end of June, 2018.

  • 70%


    Recently, Branch of Moderate Labor Research of China Human Resource Development Association has published its investigation into the workplaces and fatigue status of Hubei Province. The findings show that almost 70% of respondents are in the state of overstrain, commonly reflecting their onerous workload.

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