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#29  May 10, 2013    email version


Are Non-competition Restrictions Without Specifying Economic Compensations Valid?


The Judicial Interpretation IV refers to provisions of Shanghai and Beijing and stipulates that non-competition restrictions are not necessarily invalid when the labor contract or non-disclosure agreement states non-competition restrictions.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部出台多项工伤保险相关政策

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Unveiled Several Policies Regarding Work-related Injury

    人社部近日下发《关于执行 《工伤保险条例》若干问题的意见》等多项政策,其中囊括包括对 “因工外出期间”、“非本人主要责任”等的认定。

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently promulgated several policies, including the Opinions on Several Issues Regarding the Implementation of the Regulations on Work-related Injury Insurance. Wherein, such policies have defined matters such as "period of absent for running work-related errands", "matters where the employee does not bear primary responsibility", etc.

  • 北京:应届生落户限年龄

    Beijing: Setting Limit on Age for Graduating Students' Household Registration


    Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security recently released the local guiding opinion on graduates' household registration in Beijing. The opinion provides that in order to settle their hukou in Beijing, undergraduates should not surpass 24 years old, postgraduates 27 years old, and doctoral students 35 years old. Graduating students beyond the age limit hereof will not be able to relocate their hukou to Beijing from places where they originally come from.

  • 山东带薪年休假纳入企业劳保年检

    Shandong Incorporates Paid Annual Leave into Enterprises' Labor and Social Security Annual Inspection


    Shandong Province has issued a notice, expressly incorporating enterprises' implementation of paid annual leave into their labor and social security annual inspection. Analysts believe that this sends out a signal for "mandatory paid leave".

  • 香港最低工资5月起上调

    Hong Kong Raises Minimum Wage from May


    On May 1, Hong Kong SAR government raised the minimum wage standard from HKD 28 per hour to HKD 30 per hour.

  • 66.6%


    The White-collar Workers Travel Index Survey 2013 recently released by Zhaopin shows that 66.6% government agencies and public institutions have organized travel activities, topping other types of institutions. Private enterprises have the lowest percentage, which is 38.8%, while the percentage for foreign enterprises and SOEs is 48.3% and 41.6% respectively.

  • 6.8%


    University of Hong Kong recently announced the result of its Graduate Employment Survey 2012. The distribution of job categories for the university's graduating students in 2012 is basically similar to that in 2011, but the average gross monthly salary for undergraduates increases by 6.8% from HKD 18350 to HKD 19598.

  • 44.4%


    A survey recently conducted by All China Federation of Trade Unions on 500 enterprises in 10 provinces indicates that 44.4% of the workers need to work overtime to get the work done, with 11.5% of them have to work extras because they are not able to fulfill the quotas.

  • 656


    Data of International Labor Organization shows that, calculated as per purchasing power parity, the average purchasing power of wages for workers in Mainland China is only USD 656, not even half of the global average amount USD 1480, so the situation is far from optimistic.

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