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#293  Oct 26, 2018    email version


Can touring at the pretext of sick leave be regarded as absence from work without reason?


Does the employee’s behavior constitute absenteeism in breach of regulations? Is it legal for the company to dissolve the labor relations?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 锤子成都分部被曝解散 员工称部分研发人员迁回北京

    Chengdu Division of Smartisan is exposed to disband. Employees claim the R&D personnel have been relocated from the division back to Beijing


    Recently, according to media coverage, employers of a certain office quarter of the Chengdu division of Smartisan claim the company has relocated some of its R&D personnel back to Beijing. On the very day, Smartisan released an article on its official WeChat account, claiming that the disbandment of Chengdu Headquarter was actually an integration of technical teams from multiple places. According to insider’s message, one office site of Smartisan Company in Chengdu disbanded and the truth behind the downsizing is that multiple routes of retreat have been blocked, confronting the company with a heavy capital burden.

  • FF宣布将全员降薪20%:贾跃亭只领1美元年薪

    FF announced to drop salary by 20% for all staff: Jia Yueting will only claim 1 USD as annual salary.

    22日,Faraday Future(FF)通过全员邮件表示:由于投资方恒大健康未能履行其承诺并支付其同意支付的款项,导致FF正在面临财务困难。公司因此被迫将对全员降薪20%,公司创始人兼CEO贾跃亭将只领取一美金年薪。

    On the 22nd day, Faraday Future (FF) expressed by plenary email: Due to the failure of the investing party Evergrande Health to fulfill its commitment to pay as agreed, FF was being confronted with financial hardships. Consequently, the company was forced to drop salary by 20% for all its staff. Founder and CEO of the company Jia Yueting will only claim one USD as annual salary.

  • 日本:企业付钱让员工睡饱 称充分休息助于更好工作

    Japan: An enterprise pays for employees to have enough sleep, claiming that enough rest is conducive to more efficient work


    On the 22nd day, according to foreign media coverage, all employees who sleep up to above 6 hours per day of at least 5 days per week can earn reward points at Japanese wedding consultation company Crazy, which can be exchanged for food at staff’s refectory worth approximately RMB 3939 per year. Employees’ sleep per night is traced by an application developed by a Japanese mattress company.

  • 墨西哥新规:为环保,公司员工须每周在家工作一天

    New regulation in Mexico: Corporate staff must work at home one day per week for the consideration of environmental protection


    Recently, the Mexican government stipulates by legislation that all corporate staff working at office must work at home one day per week in order to mitigate traffic jams and conserve energy sources. A major reason is that the metropolis of Mexico is often confronted with traffic jams, air pollution, overproof energy consumption and other issues.

  • 15


    Recently, the Clerical Office of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province has publicized Implementation Opinions on Carrying out Care Services for Elders. For families that meet the conditions, the children with parents in hospital can enjoy paid care leave for up to 15 days per year.

  • 7%


    Recently, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has printed and issued a Notice on Releasing the Enterprise Wage Guidelines of Our Region of 2018. The Notice specifies, the average growth rate 7% of monetary wages shall be the benchmark line of enterprise wage growth in Guangxi in 2018, between the upper limit 11% and the lower limit 2%.

  • 2.5


    Recently, the report “Status of World Population 2018” released by United Nations Population Fund indicates that global females give birth to 2.5 children on average, lower than that in the mid-1960s by 50% or so.

  • 70


    Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe claimed on the future investment meeting on the 22nd day that should senile staff hope to continue working, the government would raise the age of enterprises’ continuous employment from 65 to 70 years old. The government is planned to officially propose relevant legal bill of amendment on the national congress in 2020.

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