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#294  Nov 02, 2018    email version


How to deal with the labor contract that expires during a maternity leave?


If the labor contract with a female employee expires during her maternity leave, can the existing contract be postponed till the maternity leave is over without extension afterwards? In this case, how should it be dealt with appropriately?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 华为回应停止社招:不实报道 将持续开放

    Huawei responds its suspension of social recruitment: False report. Recruitment will instead keep open


    Recently, Decisions on Implementing the Strategies for Corporate Talents Supply released from the inside of Huawei claims “common social recruitment will be suspended in principle, and only open under special circumstances that will be approved by chairman of the board on duty in turns.” Hereto, when replying to the journalist Huawei expressed it was a false report and “we will keep it open to excellent talents worldwide in order to boost continuous business development towards the new corporate vision.”

  • 山东:拟立法保障女职工98天产假哺乳期 每天可喂奶1小时

    Shandong: Legislation is under plan to secure a 98-day maternity leave for female employees and allow them to nurse one hour per day during their lactation periods


    Recently, the journalist has learned from Shandong Provincial Government’s website that the Measures of Shandong Province for the Labor Protection of Female Workers is to solicit public opinions from today on. The Exposure Draft requires that female employees should enjoy a 98-day maternity leave for birth-giving and employers should allocate one-hour nursing time within the daily labor hours for female employees in their lactation periods.

  • 福布斯中国富豪榜发布:马云超许家印夺魁

    Forbes China Rich List released: Jack Ma contends for championship over Xu Jiayin


    On the 25th day, Forbes China Rich List 2018 was released by Forbes: Jack Ma returned to the top of the list for the first time since 2014, though his fortunes shrank by USD 4billion as compared with the previous year. Xu Jayin, chairman of the board of Evergrande and the richest last year, dropped to the third place, with his fortunes shrank by 11.7 billion USD in net value. With his fortunes shrank by USD 6.2 billion, Pony Ma, chairman of the board of Tencent, remained on the second position.

  • 日本厚生劳动省:2019年企业能使用数字货币支付工资

    Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan: Enterprises will be able to pay salaries using digital currency by 2019


    Recently, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as one of the central governmental departments of Japan, has made a decision that relevant regulations will be modified in order for enterprises to be able to pay salaries using digital currency. By 2019, remittance will be enabled to prepaid cards, smart phones and other payment applications - as cashes for employees to withdraw - without going through a bank account. This will also ensure sufficient fund security and boost the cashless progress in Japan.

  • 13%


    On the 26th day, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released the enterprise wage guidelines for 2018. The baseline is 8.5%, between the upper limit of 13% and the lower limit of 4%. The guidelines first suggested strict control over the growth in the wages of state-owned enterprises in Beijing, specifying the maximum increase in wage should not exceed 13%.

  • 25%


    Recently, on the forum on Sino-Japan pension service cooperation sponsored by NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, personages from multiple sectors released a prediction that the proportion of Chinese population aged above 60 years will reach 25% by 2030 or even 35% by 2050.

  • 850亿


    Recently, the General Office of Zhejiang People’s Government has officially released Several Opinions on Further Alleviating Enterprise Burdens and Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness, including several aspects such as further reducing enterprise cost on energy consumption, employment cost and financing cost, etc. As estimated by the office for burden alleviation, enterprise costs and burdens will be reduced by approximately 85 billion CNY in a full year after the implementation of the policy.

  • 48

    近日,谷歌首席执行官Sundar Pichai当地时间本周四向所有谷歌员工发送了一封电子邮件,称该公司在过去两年内因性骚扰而解雇了48人。

    Recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to all the staff of Google on Thursday of local time, claiming that the corporation had dismissed 48 individuals due to sexual harassment within the past two years.

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