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#296  Nov 16, 2018    email version


Can non-competition be employed to restrain full-time employees from taking part-time job during the term of service?

公司与员工签署竞业协议,可以用来约束全职员工在职期间兼职的行为吗 ?

Can the non-competition agreement by and between the company and employees be employed to restrain full-time employees from doing part-time job during the term of service?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • FF内部:贾跃亭借刀裁员 员工众筹自救

    FF Internal Information: Jia Yueting took opportunity to downsize staff, leaving them saving each other through crowd funding


    On the 11th day, news of mass layoffs came from the inside of Faraday Future. FF has cut more than one hundred jobs within one week by taking advantage of recent dispute with Evergrande, according to one manager of Faraday Future. As a response, the staff have raised USD 17 thousand to help the families of employees in need. But FF’s confirmation of this news is not yet available.

  • 双11:京东物流700万奖励快递员 菜鸟推快递员星计划

    Nov. 11: Jingdong Logistics gave its deliverymen a reward of CNY 7 million while CaiNiao introduced the star deliveryman program

    据悉今年11.11期间,京东物流拿出了700万 "11.11基金",专门用于快递员等一线员工的现金奖励和物质保障。菜鸟则推出快递员星计划,将拿出超过200万元重奖好服务,其中1111位五星级快递员将每人获得1111元梦想基金。

    As is learned, on this Nov. 11, Jingdong Logistics spared CNY 7 million as “funds of Nov. 11” intended exclusively for cash incentives and material guarantee to its deliverymen and other front line employees. CaiNiao has introduced the star deliverymen program and will spare over 2 million yuan as generous rewards for good services. Each of the 1111 five-star deliverymen will be awarded 1111 CNY Dream Fund.

  • 国税总局:企业参加责任保险的保费支出准予在所得税税前扣除

    The State Administration of Taxation: Premium expenditures of enterprises under liability insurances are allowed to be deducted before income tax


    On November 8, an announcement was released on the website of the State Administration of Taxation, specifying that the premiums paid as per regulations by enterprises under employer liability insurance, public liability insurance and other liability insurances were allowed to be deducted before enterprise income tax.

  • 英国:拟对40岁以上人群征“年龄税” 应对社保预算不足

    UK: “Age tax” proposed to be levied on population aged 40+ to cope with insufficient social security budget


    On the 11th day, the UK is considering introducing a new tax to cope with severe insufficiency in social security budget, according to foreign media. The new tax demands the middle-aged and elders of the country to pay their life care expenses on their own. The taxes collected may be issued later to them in the form of “returned cashes” to pay care expenses.

  • 6.5%


    Recently, Guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has issued the Notice on Reducing the Contribution Rate of Employees’ Social Medical Insurance Stage by Stage (Draft Soliciting Public Opinion). According to the notice, the contribution rate of employees’ social medical insurance assumed by employers in Guangzhou shall decline from 8% to 6.5% whereas the contribution rate for flexibly employed people, retirees eligible for delayed contribution, and the unemployed shall drop from 10% to 8.5%.

  • 12287亿元


    On the 13th day, the Ministry of Finance publicized the status of financial revenue and expenditure of October 2018. The individual income tax reached CNY 1,228.7 billion in the past 10 months, a year-on-year growth of 19.9%. This figure has exceeded CNY 1,196.6 billion of individual income tax in total in 2017.

  • 7169元


    Recently, according to the big data about hot occupations on November 11 released by 58.com, the mean monthly salary in express delivery sector was CNY 7,169 nationwide in October 2018. Shanghai offers the most generous salary of CNY 8,200 to deliverymen, Hangzhou ranks second with CNY 8,019, followed by Nanjing with CNY 7,911.

  • 5.7万


    Recently, Hai Di Lao has expanded its business to London, UK. Hai Di Lao restaurant in London offers some jobs with astonishingly high annual wages. The annual wages of management trainees can be on a par with counterparts in financial sector. The annual wage of up to £57 thousand for its cook even surpasses the counterpart of local ordinary chef.

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