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#297  Nov 23, 2018    email version


Can maternity leave be granted to female workers who violate the birth control program?


One female worker of our company who has given birth to the third or fourth fetus in breach of the birth control policy is applying for a maternity leave from the company. How should it be dealt with?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部拟规定:社保经办全程记录 挪用社保基金及时报告

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that the handling of social insurance shall be recorded throughout the process and the misappropriation of social insurance funds shall be reported in time


    On the 15th day, Regulations on Social Insurance Handling and Management Service (Exposure Draft for Comments) soliciting public opinions stipulated that social insurance services shall be recorded all throughout the process and that such case as misappropriation of social insurance funds shall be reported in time once uncovered. The Regulations stipulated that a secure and normative information system should be established to perfect the monitoring mechanism on service operation , specify data operation permissions, strictly control data modification and permission alteration, and prevent risks in service handling.

  • 河北一银行女职工怀孕要审批:违规怀孕不流产就处分

    Female workers of a bank in Hebei needs approval for pregnancy: subject to discipline in case of no abortion for unapproved pregnancy


    Recently, the female workers of a bank in Shijiazhuang reflect: The organization stipulates that female workers should make application for its approval to give birth to first or second fetus. In case of no approval for the pregnancy, they shall either implement abortion or receive discipline. It is learned that there have been a few female workers who have been disciplined for being pregnant unapproved. At present, the labor union has claimed to halt this system.

  • 锤子科技:被指无法支付员工工资 回应:危机是有 但请给时间

    Smartisan: alleged to be unable to pay wages to employees, with response: despite the crisis, please give time


    Recently, Smartisan has been trapped in a capital shortage. Its capital chain is extremely tight to the point of falling short of paying wages to employees. It is also claimed that Smartisan has actually launched the corporate plan to cut down staff size to ultimately keep 40% of its staff. And it is implied that CEO Luo Yonghao of Smartisan may have suffered a depressive disorder. Hereto, Smartisan expresses to the journalist: “The company has indeed suffered a crisis, but please give Smartisan time.”

  • 宝洁:宣布精简结构 十大业务部门缩减至六个

    P&G: declaring a compact structure with ten major business departments shrinking to six

    近日,美国宝洁公司宣布,正计划将现有的十大业务部门精简至六个,将拥有纺织品和家居护理、婴幼儿和女性护理、家庭护理和新事业、理容、保健、美妆六大部门,每一个部门都会任命一位 CEO,负责管理地区销售团队及部分原先由总部管理的职责。

    Recently, P&G Corporation of the US has declared that it is planning to shrink the current ten major business departments to six major ones, which will be textile & home care, infant & feminine care, family nursing & new business, grooming, health care, and beauty makeups. Each of the departments will be appointed with one CEO to take charge to manage the regional sales team and share parts of the duties originally managed by the headquarter.

  • 80万元


    Recently, the journalist has learned from the twentieth China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen that the continuous popularization in AI domain has pushed demands for talents far greater than supplies. Targeting the current year’s graduates in AI domain, some enterprises have raised the annual salary for doctoral students from last year’s RMB 500 thousand to 800 thousand.

  • 45.9%


    Recently, yes123 job-seeking net of Taiwan has released the findings of a survey, showing that 45.9% of Taiwanese office workers evaluate their current physical and mental conditions as unhealthy.

  • 52%


    Recently, one investigation into Facebook employees discovers that there were 84% of the employees last year who expressed “they hold an optimistic attitude towards the future of the company”. This figure dropped to 67% or so in April, and to 52% at present.

  • 34.5万


    Recently, Japan is reforming its “foreign labor policy” - amendment to the entry administration law. The data published by the government indicate, within the first five-year period of the foreign labor policy enforced since 2019, a total of 345 thousand foreign laborers will need to be introduced from 14 different industries.

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