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#30  May 17, 2013    email version


Case Study on Senior Executives' Duty of Loyalty


In theory, the duty of loyalty is considered as an accompanying obligation of the labor contract, and shall be interpreted into the meaning of the labor contract, regardless of whether the employee and employing unit have concluded any such agreement or how they make it.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院法制办就外国人入境出境管理条例征求意见

    Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council Soliciting Opinions on Entry/Exit Control of Aliens


    Recently, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council solicits public opinion on the Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exist of Aliens (Exposure Draft). The Exposure Draft clearly defines types of visa and expressly stipulates procedures for visa issuance, extension, renewal and replacement.

  • 北京:7类重点产业引进高端人才可落户

    Beijing: High-end Talent Introduced by Seven Key Industries May Settle Their Hukou in Beijing


    The Talent Introduction and Recruitment Management Regulations (Tentative) recently promulgated by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security points out that, as long as enterprises and public institutions of seven key industries, including high-tech and cultural creativity, have vacancies, they can directly apply for talent introduction, to settle the hokou of their recruited candidates in Beijing. Even, the spouses and children of the recruited can also enjoy the household registration policy.

  • 深圳欠薪保障费开始征收

    Shenzhen Starts to Collect Guarantee for Back Pay


    Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security recently disclosed that guarantee for back pay starts to be collected in 2013. Employing units need to deposit the payable guarantee for back fee to the unit's bank account for paying social insurance in full amount before May 24, at an amount of RMB 400 for each unit.

  • 西安:不休年假须付3倍日工资

    Xi'an: Three Times of Daily Salary for Not Arranging Paid Annual Leave


    Xi'an recently has passed the Opinion on the Further Implementation of Paid Annual Leave System. According to the Opinion, Xi'an will "forcibly enact" the paid annual leave system. Enterprises failing to arrange paid annual leave will have to compensate employees at a standard 300% of daily salary per day. For those refusing to make rectifications and pay as per the standard hereof, Xi'an will apply to the court for mandatory enforcement.

  • 60%


    The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that labor cost in China rose by 60% in the past three years. Around 2009-2012, China's labor cost, amid high economic growth and high inflation, surpassed Thailand and Malaysia, topping all other emerging Asian countries.

  • 900万


    Employment Promotion Division of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued the "Work Priorities 2013", claiming that in 2013, China would strive to create more than 9 million new jobs in towns and cities, reemploy 5 million people, help 1.2 million urban residents have difficulty finding jobs to secure jobs, and keep the registered urban employment rate at or below 4.6%.

  • 26.6%


    According to a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Investigation Center, 57.6% of the surveyed responded that their enterprises have some "unbearable regulations", and only 26.6% expressed that they are satisfied with their enterprises' management culture.

  • 80%


    The White-collar Workers Travel Index Survey 2013 released by Zhaopin shows that, almost 80% white-color workers have organized travels; wherein, those having a work experience of 1-3 years travel 2.85 times on average, those of 3-5 years 3.5 times, and those over five 5 years 4.2 times.

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