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Shall the company make overtime pay for organizing its staff members to attend weekend meetings?


Shall the employer make overtime pay for organizing its employees to attend weekend meetings?

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  • 梦派科技声援华为:员工购买苹果手机给予100%的处罚

    Menpad Technology will punish staff for buying Apple iPhone by fining them its market price in show of support for troubled tech giant Huawei


    Recently, Menpad Technology announced on its official website that employees who purchase Huawei or ZTE mobile phones for personal use will get a subsidy equivalent to 15% of the market price, and that those who buy Apple iPhones will be subject to a penalty equaling 100% of the market price. The company also said it will cease to buy any American products such as office equipment, computers and cars.

  • 锤子科技:疑似内部邮件曝光 11月工资无法如期发放

    Smartisan: suspected internal mail revealed that November salary may not be paid as scheduled


    According to recent media reports, Smartisan official website is now showing all their smart phones as currently unavailable for purchase and customers are unable to place an order. What is worse, a suspected internal mail revealed that November salary will not be paid as scheduled due to the failure to recover the receivables in time.

  • 美的组织架构变阵再整合事业部 多个职能收归总部

    Midea organizational structure changed with divisions being merged and functional departments being integrated into the Headquarter

    近日,美的集团进行了一轮事业部的改革,将生活电器与环境电器事业部合并,原本的10个事业部减少至9个。有内部人士表示:“此次合并,属于企业内部 正常调整,也符合当前宏观经济形势和行业发展环境的变化,这将更有利于业务长期健康的发展。”

    Recently, Media Group has carried out a round of reforms in its business divisions. The Home Appliances Division and Environmental Appliances Division were merged, reducing the original 10 divisions to 9. Insiders said that, "This merger is a normal internal adjustment of the company and is also in line with the current macroeconomic situation and changes in the industrys development environment, which will be more conducive to the long-term and healthy development of the companys business."

  • 辽宁:参加企业职工基本养老保险的单位可自主建立企业年金

    Liaoning: units participating in basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees can establish enterprise annuities independently


    Recently, Liaoning Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security released the "Notice on Implementing the Relevant Issues Concerning the "Measures for Enterprise Annuities", stipulating that employers and their employees who participate in the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees may independently establish enterprise annuities in accordance with the "Measures for Enterprise Annuities". The enterprise annuities will cover various enterprises and their employees, social organizations and their full-time staff.

  • 1800


    Recently, the minimum wage standard in Chongqing has been adjusted. After the adjustment, The new standard is divided into two levels: the minimum monthly wage will be RMB 1,800 and RMB 1700 respectively. The new standard will be implemented as of January 1, 2019.

  • 60740亿元


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently released the monthly breakdown of human resources and social security statistical data from January to October in 2018. The data shows that, in the first 10 months of this year, the revenue of the basic endowment insurance for urban workers, basic endowment insurance for urban residents and rural residents, and other social insurances funds reached RMB 6.074 trillion, with a year-on-year increase of 17%.

  • 12113


    According to the latest UiPath data, China has the most AI job vacancies, with 12,113 related positions, followed by the United States. Among others are Japan, UK, India, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and Poland.

  • 5.1%


    Recently, the Macao Social Security Fund recommended that the amount of benefits and allowances for the year 2019 be increased by 5.1% to 5.8%. Pensions and disability benefits are to be increased to 3630 patacas, which will be officially implemented in January 2019.

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