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#301  Dec 21, 2018    email version


Can late attendance or early leave for 30 minutes be deemed as half-day absenteeism?


Are the employer's rules and regulations regarding late attendance and early leave lawful and reasonable in this case?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 知乎:多名员工否认大规模裁员 任命新CFO或为了上市

    Zhihu: the mass layoffs denied by more than one employee, and new CFO for possible listing


    Recently, Zhouyuan, founder and CEO of Zhihu, reportedly released a letter to all staff members announcing a new round of structural adjustment. At the same time, Sun Wei, the former partner and CFO of MIYA was appointed the new Chief Financial Officer of Zhihu, the first move towards its possible listing. In addition, more than one Zhihu employee denied the late alleged mass layoffs.

  • 滴滴:今年全员年终奖减半 高管无奖

    Didi: year-end bonus to all staff slashed by a half this year, no bonus to senior officers


    At the recent general assembly of Didi Chuxing, its CEO Cheng Wei announced that year-end bonus this year to all stall would be slashed by a half, compared with last year and that all senior officers would not be given year-end bonus. According to Cheng Wei, the company’s performance this year has not been as good as expected, and the security investment was enormous.

  • 百度:发布内部信宣布组织架构调整

    Baidu: internal letter released announcing adjustment to its organizational structure


    Baidu announced the adjustment to its technical system recently. Li Yanhong, founder and Chairman of Baidu, added in a letter concerning structural adjustment: Smart Cloud BU will be upgraded to Smart Cloud BG. O&M of SE company and all BGs, fundamental structure, and Group-level sharing platform will be integrated into the fundamental technical system.

  • 财政部:继续执行内地与香港基金互认有关个人所得税政策

    Ministry of Finance: continuous performance of policies on individual income tax related to FMR


    Recently, MOF released on its official website that individual income tax on proceeds of transfer price differences obtained by mainland individual investors from buying and selling HK fund shares through FMR mechanism will be exempted continuously from December 18, 2018 to December 4, 2019.

  • 46.2


    According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics recently, enterprise employees work 46.2 hours on average per week, 0.1 hour more than last month.

  • 5331


    On 13th day, zhaopin.com released a report suggesting that fresh graduates of 2019 expected an average salary of 5,331 yuan, 1% lower than 5,409 yuan in 2017.

  • 42.2%


    Recently, China Social Sciences Publishing House released together with other research centers A Investigation and Research Report on Time Utilization by Chinese. According to it, working overtime is remarkably common in China in 2017, when the rate of working overtime reaches 42.2%.

  • 5000


    According to foreign media, sources said Jaguar, Land Rover would announce to slash approximately 5,000 jobs at the beginning of next year, due to less demands for diesel-powered cars and Brexit.

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