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#305  Jan 18, 2019    email version


Can the company rescind the dismissal notice?


In the second notice, the company stated that the dismissal notice was sent by mistake of its office staff member. So, is it logical to rescind the previous dismissal notice?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 联想:组织架构调整 设立大客户、中小企业及消费事业部

    Lenovo: organizational restructuring by setting up Key Account BU, SME BU and Consumer BU


    Recently, Liu Jun, executive vice-president of Lenovo Group and Lenovo China president, released an internal mail, announcing the organizational restructuring of Lenovo China by setting up Key Account Business Unit, SME Business Unit and Consumer Business Unit. This is another organizational restructuring within Lenovo after eight months.

  • 河北:探索实施周五下午加周末的“2.5天小长假”

    Hebei: exploring the implementation of “2.5-day vacation” with Friday afternoon and weekend


    Recently, the Implementation Scheme of Hebei Province on Perfecting and Promoting Consumption System and Mechanism (2019-2020) circulated by Hebei Province puts forward the paid leave system will be implemented to encourage staggered leave and flexible work schedule and the qualified regions shall explore the implementation of the policy and measure of “2.5-day vacation” with Friday afternoon and weekend.

  • 报告:我国社保改革任务繁重 仍存权责不清等四大问题

    Report: social security reform faces heavy tasks in China, there remaining four major issues including unclear powers and responsibilities


    Recently, China Association of Social Security and China Human Resources and Social Security Publishing Group has jointly held “China Social Security Development Report 2018”. The Report suggests there remain four major issues in China’s social security reform and system construction: Unclear powers and responsibilities in social security, insufficient mutual assistance and aid, deficiency in rule by law, and institutional weakness. Tasks of reform are extraordinarily onerous.

  • 北京:“第六险”长期照护保险将纳入个人社保缴纳范畴

    Beijing: “The sixth insurance” long-term care insurance is to be included into the scope of personal social security contribution

    近日,北京市十五届人大二次会议代表询问现场,北京市医疗保障局党组书记于学强透露 “第六险”长期照护保险将纳入个人社保缴纳范畴。今后在参保资金构成、比例设定上将更多地增加个人参保意识。

    Recently, on the representatives’ inquiry spot of the Second Session of the Fifteenth National People’s Congress in Beijing, Yu Xueqiang, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau divulged “The sixth insurance” long-term care insurance will be included into the scope of personal social security contribution. In the future, personal participation in social insurance will be considered more in terms of composition of insured capitals and setting of proportion.

  • 10亿


    Recently, Gree Electric Appliances has released an announcement on salary surge for all its staff, including the statement: “As has been studied and decided by the company, since January 2019 salaries will be adjusted to positions, and total increase in salaries will be within RMB 1 billion. “Dong Mingzhu has also expressed that new policies will probably be practiced and that staff’s correspondence fees will entirely be assumed by Gree.

  • 9.4亿


    Recently, in the interview of implementing the spirit of the Central Economic Working Conference convened by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, a relevant person-in-charge of the Ministry expressed that the population covered by basic endowment insurance in China reached 940 million in 2018. In 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will implement the program of all-people participation in social insurance and expand the coverage.

  • 37.5港元


    Recently, Hong Kong executive council has accepted the report on recommendation of minimum wage standard submitted by previous minimum wage committee to the Special Area’s administrator, agreeing to turn up the minimum wage to HKD 37.5, which will take effect on May 1, 2019.

  • 10%


    Recently, rocket company SpaceX affiliated to Elon Musk, a serial entrepreneur of the USA, has claimed it will cut down the size of staff by above 10%. Also, it has claimed that it would offer wages and other welfares for at least eight weeks to laid-off workers.

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