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入职前“连续工作满12个月” 入职后当年可享受带薪年休假

Employees who has “worked for 12 consecutive months” before the induction shall be entitled to paid annual leave after being employed


The focus of dispute in this case is how to understand the phrase “employees who have worked for 12 consecutive months”.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 有赞:996工作制引发员工吐槽 CEO回应称这绝对是好事

    Youzan: 996 work system triggered employee complaints while CEO responded that “this is definitely a good thing”


    Recently, the Hangzhou-based e-commerce firm Youzan announced the implementation of the 996 working system during the company annual meeting, and even said that a divorce may be an option for the imbalance between work and family. This move raised the hackles among certain employees. In response, the CEO of Youzan, under the pen name of Bai Ya, said in a post that “when you look back a few years later, this is definitely a good thing”.

  • 俞敏洪:吐槽视频能传出就是我的态度 将奖励创作者12万

    Yu Minhong: The roast video reflected my attitude and the creators will receive a cash award of 120,000 yuan


    During the recent annual meeting of New Oriental Group, the lyrics of the recomposed song “Self Release” ridiculed the buck-passing, flattery and other bad behaviors and internal management problems in the workplace. The group founder Yu Minhong said that this program reflected his attitude and he will reward the employees participating in the creation and performance of the program with 120,000 yuan.

  • 腾讯:辟谣称醒一醒 微信年终奖人均280万是不可能的

    Tencent: Refuted the rumor by stating that there’s no way for each of the WeChat team to receive a year-end bonus of 2.8 million yuan

    27日,有网友称,微信一部门年终奖20亿,人均280万。微信给员工发2888元红包,人手一台iPhone XS Max ,提前4个月调薪。对此,腾讯公关总监却通过微博辟谣称:“人均280万?那是不可能的,醒一醒!”

    On the 27th of this month, some netizens broke the news that the WeChat division distributed a year-end bonus totaling 2 billion yuan and each received 2.8 million. In addition, WeChat division handed out a red envelope (2888 yuan) and an iPhone XS Max to each employee, and the salary adjustment will be implemented 4 months in advance. In response, Tencent PR Director has refuted the rumor through Weibo: “2.8 million for each? Wake up, that is impossible!”

  • 报告:中国10年后或每2个人工作就要供养1个老人

    Report: Every 2 workers will have to provide for 1 aged in China 10 years from now


    Recently, Zheng Zhongwei, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, pointed out at the press conference of the "Blue Book of Older Health" that after 10 years or so, the population of China aged 60 or above will reach 340 million, and every 2 workers will have to provide for 1 aged.

  • 1800


    Recently, the Human resources and Social Security Department of Shaanxi Province approved the adjustment of the minimum wage standard. As of May 1 this year, the minimum monthly wage standard of Class I, II and III areas of Shaanxi will be increased to RMB 1,800, RMB 1,700 and RMB 1,600 respectively.

  • 2000


    Internal staff of Beijing Hyundai recently revealed that a plant of Beijing Hyundai has dismissed 2,000 employees in the name of demolition, and plans to suspend production for 46 days. The company provides one-time compensation to employees who intend to resign from the company. Those who do not have the intention to leave the company will receive a subsidy equivalent to 70% of Beijing minimum wage during the shutdown.

  • 20万


    According to the recent “2019 Talent Outlook Big Data Report” released by Liepin.com, cities with an average annual salary of more than 200,000 yuan are all first-tier cities. Beijing ranks first with 253,100 yuan while Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou ranks the second, third and fourth.

  • 9000


    On the 28th local time, Tesco announced a formal layoff plan, pointing out that the number of layoffs is expected to be 9,000, and HR positions will be the first to be affected.

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