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#308  Feb 15, 2019    email version


How should we deal with the circumstance where a female employee neither reported to work nor extended her leave upon the expiration of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation periods?


A female employee of our company fails to report to work or extend her leave after the maternity leave and personal leave are over. How should we deal with this situation?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国家卫健委:回应“取消计划生育” 建议不宜立即全面删除

    NHC’s response to the proposal to abolish family planning: it is not advisable to delete it immediately


    Recently, the National Health Committee replied to the NPC deputies’ proposal to abolish the “family planning” policy, stating that it will retain such expressions as “the state promotes family planning”. The population and family planning law is formulated in accordance with the Constitution, and it is not appropriate to immediately delete the content of “family planning”.

  • 四川:划转部分企业国有股权10%充实社保基金

    Sichuan: 10% of the state-owned shares of some enterprises transferred to the social security fund


    Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Government released the “Implementation Plan for the Transfer of Some State-owned Capital to Enrich Social Security Funds in Sichuan Province”, pointing out that Sichuan will start to transfer some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund, and the transfer proportion will be 10% of state-owned shares of enterprises included in the transfer scope.

  • 滴滴:回应有关裁员25%消息 系正常转岗 大量岗位在招聘

    Didi Chuxing’s response to the 25% layoff: the layoff is actually a normal personnel adjustment and positions are being recruited on a large scale


    Recently, insiders responded to the news about Didi’s 25% layoff that Didi is undergoing structural adjustments and restructuring the talent system. For this reason, some employees may be subject to job transfer, which is considered a normal staff adjustment. Meanwhile, there are a large number of job vacancies for security technology, product, management and offline driver management.

  • 匈牙利:生育4个子女的女性终身免个税

    Hungary: women with 4 or more children will be exempted for life from paying income tax


    According to recent foreign media reports, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor has released a new policy of fertility reward. In particular, women who have 4 or more children will be exempted for life from paying income tax. For the couples who have 2 children, one third of their loans will be forgiven. Young couples will be offered interest-free loans, to be cancelled once they 3 three children.

  • 800


    Recently, Activision Blizzard announced that it will cut off 8% of its workforce worldwide, with an estimated number of 800. According to an informed source, this is part of the companys internal restructuring plan for the purposes of function centralization and profit building.

  • 4000


    According to recent foreign media reports, after Disney announced the acquisition of Fox, the merger of the two studios will be completed as early as the end of February. In this regard, some analysts said that the merger will result in at least 4,000 people unemployed.

  • 100000


    According to a recent report issued by the German Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), the No-deal Brexit (also known as “Hard Brexit”) could put more than 100,000 German jobs on the line.

  • 66800


    Recently, according to media reports, Canada’s employment in January increased to 66,800, which is expected to increase by 5,000.

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