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#309  Feb 22, 2019    email version


May the employer refuse to pay if any employee fails to go through work handover procedures?


Can the employer not pay salary due to the employee’s failure to fulfill the obligations to complete work handover?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:2022年起个人年终奖并入综合所得缴纳个税

    Beijing: individual year-end bonus counting toward total income to levy personal incomer tax from 2022

    近日,北京市财政局、税务局转发《财政部 税务总局关于个人所得税法修改后有关优惠政策衔接问题的通知》。其中表示,从2022年1月1日起,居民个人取得全年一次性奖金,将并入当年综合所得计算缴纳个人所得税。

    Recently, Beijing Finance Bureau and Beijing Administration of Tax forwarded the Notice of MOF and SAT on the Consistency of Preferential Policies following Amendments of the Personal Income Tax Law. According to it, effective as of January 1, 2022, all year-end bonus paid to residents in China in a lump sum shall count toward total income of the same year to levy personal income tax.

  • 人社部:外卖、快递小哥等千万“网约工”或将有工伤保险

    MOHRSS: work-related injury insurance maybe available to tens of millions of on-line appointed workers such as couriers and food delivery men


    As regards CPPCC member’s proposal during the two sessions of 2018 to emphasize the solution to the problem that work-related injury insurance is not available to new industry practitioners, MOHSS recently responded that it would, in due time, initiate another revision of Regulation on Work-Related Injury Insurances so as to cover such new industry practitioners as food delivery men, on-line appointed drivers and couriers by work-related injury insurances.

  • 京东:回应将末位淘汰高管的消息属实

    JD.com: responding the message to eliminate senior officers in lowliest places is true


    Recently, JD.com announced at its annual meeting hold in last weekend that it would eliminate 10% of senior officers at the level of vice-president or higher in lowliest places in 2019, according insider of JD.com. As is learned, it’s estimated that JD.com has dozens of, or may about one hundred, senior officers at these levels. JD.com responded the message was true.

  • 上海:4月1日起调整公积金缴存基数、比例及月缴存额

    Shanghai: to adjust contribution base, contribution ratio and monthly contribution amount of the housing provident fund as of April 1


    Recently, Shanghai has decided to adjust contribution base of the housing provident fund as of April 1, ahead of schedule. The contribution base of 2019 will be consummate with its average monthly salary of 2018. The contribution bases of the housing provident fund and of the supplementary housing provident fund shall be not higher than 3 times the average monthly salary of employees in Shanghai, and not lower than the minimum wage standard of employees in Shanghai. The contribution ratios for an Employee and an Employer shall be 5% and 7%, respectively.

  • 2000

    近日,在滴滴月度全员会上,CEO程维宣布将对业务重组带来的岗位重叠和绩效不达标的员工进行减员,整体裁员比例占到全员的15%,涉及2000人左右。此外, 外卖业务将面临裁员、出海及国内业务关停。

    Recently, Cheng Wei, CEO of Didi, announced layoffs that would be caused by post overlap due to business restructuring and by under-performance, at its monthly all-hands meeting. All employees to be laid off will account for 15% of the headcount, i.e. about 2,000. In addition, its food delivery sector will be also faced with downsizing, going aboard, and shutdown of domestic business.

  • 21.8%


    According to Huawei’s recently released internal letter, in the recent 5 years, the average separation rate of its employees holding doctoral degrees was 21.8%. Of 82 interviewed doctoral employees who separated, 56 mentioned the mismatching between their posts and personal skills, performance limited by insufficient technical capacities of their superiors, and restrictions on personal strengths as main reasons.

  • 30.4%


    The 2019 Research Report on Returning to Urban Areas for Employment released recently by 58.com shows that among those who will work at a different city, 30.4% of bread earners will choose to seek career advancement at hometown, and 51.4% in Tier I cities.

  • 3500


    According to recent foreign media reports, affected by Brexit, the Japan automotive manufacturer Honda will shut down its factory located in Swindon, England before 2021, representing its formal quit of manufacturing business in Britain. It’s learned that this will slash 3,500 jobs in this factory.

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