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#310  Mar 01, 2019    email version


Was the labor relations established in case of impersonation for induction?


Was the labor relations established between an Employer and an Employee who had entered into a labor contract with such employer by impersonating any other?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 阿里巴巴:宣布不裁员 将继续开放招聘优秀人才

    Alibaba: announce no layoff and continue to recruit outstanding talents


    Recently, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced: Not only will we not lay off employees this year, but also we will give full play to the role of Alibaba platform to stimulate consumption. Bring more orders to manufacturing and service industries. When economy is down, the greatest value of platform economy is to create jobs.

  • 滴滴:裁员指标出炉 顺风车为20%外卖部门为50%

    Didi: set layoff target as 20% for Free Ride Unit, 50% for Takeout Unit


    Recently, Didi Human Resources conducted interviews with employees of relevant units on the issue of layoffs. According to insiders, the Free Ride Unit shall cut 20% of its employees while R-lab Unit for take-out up to 50%. The two units have totally laid off hundreds of employees.

  • 社科院报告:下调养老保险缴费率成大势所趋

    CASS Report: it is trending to lower pension insurance rate


    The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) has recently released the China Social Security Development Report (2019). The report points out that it is a general trend to reduce the pension insurance rate. However, the decrease in the contribution rate will bring greater challenges to the balance of the current fund. Meanwhile, the report shows that at present 19 provinces such as Beijing, Hunan, Shanghai and Hainan have announced the reduction of pension insurance rates for enterprises.

  • 江苏:一企业设置“带薪情绪假” 每月可请1天无需理由

    Jiangsu: an enterprise initiates “paid mood leave" for one day a month without any reason


    According to media reports, an enterprise in Changzhou of Jiangsu has recently set up mood leave for its employees. The vice-chairman of its trade union said that employees can take one day paid leave every month without giving reasons. The company mood leave system has been implemented for three years since its set-up.

  • 15000


    On the 25th, JD.com announced that its new jobs in 2019 are expected to need 15,000 employees, of which JD.com Logistics will add 10,000 new employees, mainly front-line employees and grass-roots managers.

  • 10000


    Recently, Gree Electric has rolled out integrated marketing program that sets a sales target of RMB 10,000 for each staff. For this, relevant personnel of Gree Electrics CEO office confirmed this program and supplemented that less sale shall not be punished, but more sales shall be rewarded.

  • 20%


    Recently, Huawei announced that it will expand its enrollment in Canada by 20% and increase its investment in research and development by 15%.

  • 240000


    Recently, TSMC, a well-known semiconductor company, plans to offer NT$ 47.1 billion (about RMB 10.3 billion) as cash rewards and dividends for its employees in Taiwan, with an average of NT $ 1.1 million ( about RMB 240,000) per employee.

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