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#311  Mar 08, 2019    email version


Could our Company dismiss an employee making up cause of personal leave?


An employee of our Company has committed absence from duty for 23 days accumulatively by making up cause of personal leave. Could our Company terminate the labor contract with the said employee according to law?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人大代表:建议将生育奖励假期工资纳入生育津贴范围

    NPC Deputy: Propose to include the salary during the fertility incentive leave into the maternity allowance scope


    According to recent media report, Li Xianlan, a deputy to the National People s Congress (NPC), proposed to include the salary during the fertility incentive leave into the maternity allowance scope and additionally set the floating maternity insurance premium rate subject to the proportion of female employees of childbearing age in enterprises so that the enterprises who have a high proportion can enjoy a more favorable premium rates.

  • 陕西:企业需与员工协商最低工资及加班工资

    Shanxi: Enterprises Need to Negotiate the Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay with Employees


    Recently, the Standing Committee of the National People s Congress of Shanxi Province hold a press conference which pointed out that the Regulation on Collective Wage Negotiation of Enterprises in Shanxi Province will be officially enforced from March 1, 2019. According to the Regulation, enterprises should negotiate with their employees on the plan, standard and mode of salary allocation, as well as minimum wage, overtime pay, allowances, subsidies and bonuses.

  • 小米:组织架构再调整 任命14名管理干部

    Xiaomi: Readjust Organization Structure to Appoint 14 Executives


    Recently, the Organization Department of Xiaomi Group has officially announced the new adjustment of organization structure under which Cui Baoqiu was appointed as the Group s Vice President and Chairman of the Group s Technology Committee and 14 General Managers and Deputy General Managers were appointed to serve in the core management positions.

  • 百事:启动新一轮裁员 承诺支付数百万美元遣散费

    PepsiCo: Launch New Round of layoff and Promise to Make Severance Payment in Millions of Dollars


    Beverage giant PepsiCo has started a staff layoff plan and promised to make severance payment in millions of dollars, media said recently. Since this layoff shall not disclose its information to public, it is currently unknown how many teams or individuals will be involved.

  • 16%


    According to media report, the Government Work Report of 2019 points out that this year the social security contribution shall be significantly reduced to release the burden on enterprises, guided by which, the part of contribution attributable to enterprises for basic endowment insurance to urban employees will be lowered to 16% across the country.

  • 5000


    Recently, Wang Lei, Partner of Alibaba Group, President of Alibaba Local Life Services and CEO of Eleme, said that Word of Mouth of Eleme plans to recruit more than 5,000 new employees in 2019.

  • 10910元


    Recently, Zhaopin s Talent Flow Report in Spring of 2019 has been released. It showed that average salary is increased somewhat nationwide, but sharply differentiated among regions. Amid them, Beijing tops with an average salary of RMB 10,910 Yuan.

  • 6%


    Recently, the global professional recruitment group HAYS released its latest HAYS Asia Salary Guides in 2019, which showed that the salary in mainland China witnesses a slow rise but still remains above the average level in Asia. 40% of enterprises have increased their pays by more than 6%.

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