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#312  Mar 15, 2019    email version


Shall the employer be liable for medical fee incurred by its employee for work-related injury if the former fails to apply for work-related injury identification on time?


The failure to receive reimbursement for work-related injury insurance funds is attributed to the employer’s delay in applying to HRSS department for work-related injury identification. Shall the employer be liable for medical fee incurred by its employee for work-related injury in this case?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人大代表:建议每周双休改成隔周“三休”

    NPC Deputy: propose to change the current two-day weekend to a three-day weekend every other week


    According to recent media reports, Xu Wenguang, NPC deputy and secretary of the Quzhou Municipal Party Committee, made a suggestion at the two sessions: a three-day weekend every other week should be implemented. In particular, this proposal is to adjust the current two-day weekend to one-day weekend for the first week and three-day weekend for the second week, forming a “1+3” cycle mode.

  • 京东:回应995工作制 称不强制但鼓励大家高效产出

    JD.com: 995 work system is not mandatory, but employees are encouraged to improve the work efficiency


    It’s reported recently that a netizen labeled as “to be certified” JD staff said on maimai (social media) that JD.com will enforce a “995” work system in the future. Netizens have pointed out that this move is a disguised layoff. In this regard, JD.com said that it will not force employees to work overtime. However, employees are encouraged to work wholeheartedly and produce efficiently.

  • 政协委员:建议企业试点女性弹性工作制

    CPPCC Member: propose to put into trial the flexible working system for female employees


    According to recent media reports, at the panel discussion of the second session of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC, Zhang Ying, a CPPCC member, proposed to implement flexible working system for female employees, and to use the rapidly developing Internet technology to promote “Internet +” employment. This proposal is aimed to realize the possibility of working at home for females, so that they can take care of the family without affecting the work.

  • 库克:去年苹果的美国新员工半数无本科学历

    Cook: half of Apple s new employees in the US don’t have an undergraduate diploma

    近日,据媒体报道,库克前往华盛顿特区会议席间披露该公司 2018 年雇佣的美国员工中有半数没有正规的 4 年大学本科学历。库克表示,我们真的从来没有认为大学学历是必不可少的,我们一直在试着扩展我们的眼界。

    According to recent media reports, Cook disclosed on a conference in Washington DC that half of the company s US recruits in 2018 are not having a formal four-year undergraduate diploma. Cook said that Apple never believes that university education is essential, and the company had been trying to expand its horizons.

  • 300万


    Recently, a CAICT study shows that 5G industry will directly create more than 3 million jobs by 2025.

  • 30%

    近日,据媒体报道,有商家爆料称,网易考拉和亚马逊海外购的合并极有可能是因为网易考拉的资金链出了问题而没有谈妥。据悉,考拉内部人员或将裁员30% 。

    According to recent media reports, some businesses broke the news that the merger of Netease koala and Amazon overseas was not resolved, most likely because Netease koala s capital chain has gone wrong. It is reported that koala may lay off 30% of the staff.

  • 78.3%


    Recently, the mobile Internet recruitment platform zhipin.com released the "2019 China Workplace Gender Difference Report”, showing that in 2018, the average salary of Chinese women is 6,497 yuan, which is 78.3% of that of male workers.

  • 5000


    According to recent foreign media reports, Volkswagen plans to cut an additional 5,000 administrative jobs at its namesake brand by 2023 as part of the cost-cutting program.

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