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#314  Mar 29, 2019    email version

职工承诺“裸捐”无效 单位扣工资违法

Deducting wages by the employer based on the invalid voluntary donations promised by employees is illegal


Is it legal for the company to deduct wages on the grounds that the company and the employee have reached an agreement on a voluntary donation of 2,000 yuan in case the employee fails to fulfill his/her sales target?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:今年劳动节放假四天

    The State Council: Four days off for Labor Day this year


    Recently, General office of the State Council announced the May Day holiday adjustment plan: that the leave in lieu is from May 1 to 4, 2019; and that April 28 (Sunday) and May 5 (Sunday) are changed to working days. Previously, in the 2019 holiday arrangement announced by the State Council, the Labor Day was only one day off on May 1, no leave in lieu available.

  • 广东:受经济形势影响的企业 可以享受失业保险费返还

    Guangdong: Enterprises affected by the economic situation can enjoy the rebate of unemployment insurance premiums


    Recently, Guangdong issued the Notice on Doing Well the Work of Identifying Affected Enterprises and Employees, the first in China to identify enterprises and employees affected by the complex economic situation at home and abroad. It points out that unemployment insurance premiums can be refunded to “affected enterprises” that do not lay off employees or minimize the number of layoffs, based on the 6-month local unemployment insurance benefit per capita and the number of insured employees.

  • 京东:让员工参观看守所 称为提升员工的反腐意识

    JD.com: It is said that arrangement of visits to detention center was to raise employees anti-corruption awareness


    Recently, according to media reports, a delegation from the cloud public service department of JD.com, escorted by the police, visited Beijing No.1 Detention Center to learn about the daily life of suspects in custody. JD.com said the move was aimed at raising employees awareness of anti-corruption. In addition, the company has zero tolerance for corruption. Any employee s infraction of the Anti-Corruption Regulations of JD Group will result in dismissal and real-name disclosure.

  • 报告:超九成白领有跳槽意愿 超七成已在行动

    Report: Over 90% of white-collar workers have the intention to take a job hop, and over 70% already in action


    Recently, according to media reports, Zhilian Zhaopin released the “2019 Spring Job-hopping Report”. The report shows that in the spring of 2019, more than 90% of white-collar workers have the intention to take a job hop, 74.03% of whom are in action.

  • 2480元


    Recently, according to sources of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Shanghai will adjust the minimum wage standard from April 1, 2019. The minimum monthly wage standard in Shanghai will see a raise from 2,420 yuan to 2,480 Yuan. The minimum hourly wage standard will rise to 22 yuan from 21 yuan.

  • 4082万


    According to media reports, Renmin University of China recently released “Alibaba Retail Platform Employment Opportunity Calculation and Platform Employment System Research”. According to it, Alibaba s retail platform created 40.82 million jobs in 2018.

  • 1700


    Recently, according to media reports, Epson China will close its watch manufacturing company in Shenzhen in March 2021. A staff member from Epson Seiko Shenzhen Company said, “More than 1,700 have been laid off”. It is reported that Epson gave leaving employees high severance pays and also more than 2,000 yuan worth of Seiko commemorative watches, general physical examinations, travels to South China Sea, among other benefits.

  • 300%

    近日,据媒体报道, 2018年特斯拉工厂员工因工伤和疾病请假的天数几乎是前一年的三倍。这显示出特斯拉在首次大规模生产电动汽车时,工人承受了巨大的压力。

    Recently, according to media reports, employees in Tesla s factory took almost three times as many days off in 2018 as the previous year due to work-related injuries and diseases. This shows that Tesla s workers sustained huge pressure from its first massive production of electric cars.

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