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#317  Apr 19, 2019    email version


Does the company need to pay work-related injury compensation if it wants to terminate the employees who violate the discipline?


An employee seriously violated the rules and regulations of the company six months after the occurrence of work-related injury. Does the company need to pay the one-time employment subsidy for disability to terminate the labor contract?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 财政部:职工教育经费年度提取比例不得随意变更

    MOF: unapproved changes of annual withdrawal ratio of employee education funds are not allowed


    According to media reports, the Ministry of Finance recently issued the “Notice on Strengthening Financial Management of Educational Funds for Employees in Enterprises (Exposure Draft)”, which is intended to stipulate that the annual withdrawal ratio of educational funds for employees in enterprises shall be between 1.5%-8%, and shall not be changed without approval.

  • 浙江:部分地区拟允许退休返聘人员参加工伤保险

    Zhejiang: intend to allow re-employed retirees to participate in work-related injury insurance in some regions


    Recently, Zhejiang Quzhou and other regions are reportedly planning to allow re-employed retirees to participate in work-related injury insurance, which will be implemented as soon as next month. At present, the over-age employees included in the trial participation are temporarily limited to those who do not enjoy the benefits of basic endowment insurance for employees of government agencies or public institutions or urban employees. The males are required not to be more than 65 years old and the females not more than 60 years old.

  • 亚马逊:德国工人大罢工 要求提高薪资

    Amazon: German workers struck, calling for a pay raise


    According to foreign media reports, employees of Amazon s four logistics centers in Germany went out on strike on Monday, local time, calling for a pay raise. The strike is expected to continue until Thursday, and some other workers may join during the Easter holiday.

  • IBM:新加坡工厂关闭 全体裁员

    IBM: Singapore plant closes, all laid off


    According to foreign media reports, IBM will close its manufacturing facility in Singapore and all its employees will be laid off. The Ministry for Manpower (Singapore) said that it has been informed by the company and will assist the laid-off employees. It’s learned that at least 70% of the employees will leave the company by the end of this month, while the rest will leave by the end of July.

  • 5000


    According to media reports, informed sources recently disclosed that JD.com would break some of its labor contracts with college graduates, and make a token compensation of 5,000 yuan to those affected. In response, JD.com said that it’s deeply sorry for the recent failure to perform its obligations to offer a few campus recruitment positions due to adjustments of certain business line and organizational structure.

  • 1000


    According to media reports, some net users recently exposed that Zhihu is planning a new round of layoffs. It is estimated that 1,000 will be laid off and the company will maintain a headcount of 500. Some employees have been compelled to transfer jobs and would be dismissed under the excuse of absenteeism should they be past due to report for three days. Informed sources said there was no compensation for the layoff.

  • 1100


    According to foreign media reports, Honda recently announced that it would put an end to its car production in Turkey by 2021. It is planned to close the plant and provide reemployment assistance for about 1,100 employees. Earlier, Honda announced its intension to close a plant in Britain after 2022.

  • 800万


    According to media reports, recent official data show that Japan has more than 8 million employed population aged at least 65 years, accounting for 12% of Japan s overall labor force. It is learned that Japan s elderly dependency ratio exceeds 50%. It is expected to rise further to nearly 80% by 2050.

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