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#32  May 31, 2013    email version


Noteworthy Points When Formulating Internal Rules and Regulations


Only the rules and regulations that have a direct bearing on the immediate interests of its workers shall go through the democratic procedures while rules concerning process such as the financial management system, company seal management, etc. do not need the democratic procedures.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 发改委:今年出台提高劳动报酬方案及细则

    NDRC: Labor Remuneration Improvement Program and Details Will Be Promulgated This Year


    The State Council recently approved the Opinion on Priorities of Furthering Economic Reform in 2013 submitted by the National Development and Reform Commission, stating to introduce supporting programs and implementation details for priority tasks in the reasonable increase of labor remuneration.

  • 商务部正推进外资“三法”修订

    Ministry Of Commerce Is Promoting Amendments to the "Three Laws" on Foreign Investment


    It is said that the Ministry of Commerce is researching on the preparation of Chinese foreign capital indexes to comprehensively evaluate the investment environment of China as a whole and respective regions. The indexes will be officially released in the second half of this year. Moreover, amendments to the "three laws" on foreign investment (Law of the People's Republic of China on Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises, Law of the People's Republic of China on Chinese-foreign Equity Joint Ventures, Law of the People's Republic of China on Chinese-foreign Contractual Joint Ventures) as led by the Ministry of Commerce are proceeding in an accelerated pace.

  • 中国和瑞士达成自由贸易协定

    China and Switzerland Reached a Free Trade Agreement


    China and Switzerland recently reached a free trade agreement, under which tariffs for a series of Swiss products and financial services will be reduced while some will even be cancelled.

  • 广东拟规定男职工生育保险可由其未就业配偶享受

    Guangdong Intends to Provide That Maternity Insurance of Male Workers Can Be Enjoyed by Their Unemployed Spouses


    The Regulations of Guangdong on Employee Maternity Insurance (Draft Revision for Review) is soliciting public comments, which intends to provide that maternity insurance of male workers can be enjoyed by their unemployed spouses.

  • 养老“双轨制”或在深圳破冰

    Breakthroughs May Be Made for "Dual Pension" Scheme in Shenzhen


    The Shenzhen Reform Plan 2013 was recently released, with 34 reform tasks "enlisted". Wherein, breakthroughs may be made for the much criticized "dual pension" scheme in Shenzhen in this year.

  • 62.3%


    A recent research report on enterprise employee welfare and insurance shows that, 62.3% and 60.3% of the surveyed employees hope to elevate the level of housing provident fund and commercial supplementary insurance respectively; however, only 42.5% of the surveyed employers said they would increase inputs in employee welfare and insurance.

  • 4104


    Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released the guidance wage levels for Shenzhen HR market 2013; the guided average salary is RMB 4104 yuan/month, a 5.45% increase over 2012.

  • 48.9%


    A questionnaire conducted by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions on Shanghai's workforce state indicates that, 48.9% of the surveyed had their pay raised three and more times over the past five years, 20.1% two times, and 17.0% once.

  • 32%


    The CCTV Economic Life Survey (2012-2013) released by CCTV Financial Channel indicates that, among people who consider themselves very unhappy, 32% want to re-choose their career most.

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