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#320  May 17, 2019    email version


Is the company subject to the provisions on double time pay if the contract is not renewed upon its expiration?


Does the company need to pay the employee double time if the labor contract is not renewed upon the expiration and the employee continues to work for another three months before leaving the job?

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  • 国务院:鼓励地方政府探索试行育儿假

    The State Council: encourage local governments to explore and pilot childcare leave


    It is reportedly that the general office of the State Council recently issued Guidelines on Promoting the Development of Care Services for Infants under 3 Years Old. It states that employers should be encouraged to provide infant care services in the workplace as a welfare service individually or together with relevant organizations. Local governments are encouraged to explore and pilot childcare leave and maternity leave that are consistent with infant care services.

  • 珠海:一个单位只能建一个微信群 非工作时间不发布工作信息

    Zhuhai: only one WeChat group for one employer, and no work information posted during non-working hours


    It is reportedly that Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai officially released “Measures of Xiangzhou District for Alleviating Burden on the Grass-root Level to Solve Prominent Formalism Problems”. According to it, employers should build WeChat work groups according to actual work needs. In principle, a single unit is allowed to build only one work group, with no work information posted during non-working hours.

  • 亚马逊:出资鼓励员工离职创业 创建快递公司为亚马逊送货

    Amazon: encourage employees to quit and fund express startups delivering goods for Amazon


    According to media reports, Amazon recently released a statement that in order to expand the size of its courier service providers, Amazon encourages employees to quit and create delivery businesses that would deliver goods for Amazon. Employees who quit their jobs can get up to US$ 10,000 of venture capital, as well as 3 months salary subsidy.

  • 华大基因:回应裁员系正常调整 将聚焦核心业务板块

    BGI Shenzhen: the layoffs are normal adjustment to focus on the core business lines


    Recently, according to media reports, BGI has initiated a plan to slim down, resulting in both layoffs and asset divestitures. The work points and BGI coins in the hand of the laid-off employees cannot be cashed. As a response, Vice President Zhu Yanmei said most of the employees who were to be laid off would be transferred to other departments, and that it would dismiss employees to whom transfers weren’t available. BGI will later focus on two business lines: joint stock companies and Huada Manufacturing.

  • 2200


    According to media reports, Beijing recently issued "Beijing Minimum Wage Regulations”, stating that the monthly minimum wage standard will rise from 2,120 yuan to 2,200 yuan as of 1 July.

  • 68380


    It is reportedly that the National Bureau of Statistics recently released data on average wage of employees in 2018, which showed that the average annual wage of employees in nationwide enterprises above the designated size in 2018 was 68,380 yuan, a growth of 11.0% from the previous year.

  • 3772.48


    Recently, according to media reports, Fuzhou Municipal Health Insurance Bureau issued a notice stating that the minimum monthly contribution base for basic medical insurance for employees shall not be less than 3,772.48 yuan and the maximum not more than 16,167.75 yuan as of 1 May. The minimum monthly contribution base for maternity insurance shall not be less than 3,233.55 yuan and the maximum not more than 16,167.75 yuan.

  • 4000


    Recently, according to media reports, Nestle announced that it intended to abandon the mode of distributing frozen pizza and ice cream directly to stores in the United States and to turn to the warehouse network already used for distributing frozen meals and snacks. This move will result in 4,000 job cuts.

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