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#321  May 24, 2019    email version


Is an employer that has paid work-related injury insurance premium exempt from liabilities for work-related injury?


Where an employee sustains a work-related injury, an employer claims the treatment expenses should be paid from the work-related injury insurance fund, and that it isn’t legally obligated to bear these expenses. Is it reasonable?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 上海:6月1日起 调整夏季高温津贴标准

    Shanghai: to adjust summer high temperature subsidy standard as of 1 June


    According to recent media reports, with the consent of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the municipal government, Shanghai will adjust the summer high temperature subsidy standard from 200 yuan per month to 300 yuan per month, applicable to a total of 4 months each year from 1 June to 30 September.

  • 浙江嘉兴:6月1日起 试行将大中专院校实习生纳入工伤保险范畴

    Jiaxing: to pilot the coverage of interns from junior colleges and technical secondary schools by work-related injury insurance as of 1 June


    It is recently reported that the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang will try to cover all interns from junior colleges and technical secondary schools with work-related injury insurance as of 1 June. The contribution base is calculated on the basis of employees’ average wage of the previous year in Zhejiang province. The contribution rate is subject to the rate standard of the employer, who shall be liable for the contributions. Interns will not make individual contributions.

  • 报告:近六成台湾“90后”不满薪资待遇 逾四成无力储蓄

    Report: nearly 60% of Taiwan s “post-90s generation” are discontent with their remunerations, and over 40% are unable to save.


    According to media reports, a survey released recently by 1111 Human Resources Bank, a human resources agency in Taiwan, showed that nearly 60% of the “post-90s generation” employees in Taiwan were “dissatisfied” with their remunerations, and only 4.7% were "satisfied” or “very satisfied”. In addition, more than 40% said they were unable to save.

  • 日本:完全就业时代来临 毕业生就业率高达97.6%

    Japan: the employment rate of graduates reached 97.6%, denoting the era of full employment

    近日,据媒体报道, 日本文部省消息:2019年春季毕业的应届大学生就业率达97.6%,虽就业率与去年相比有一定波动,但就业市场仍持续为“卖方市场”。

    According to recent media reports, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan said that the employment rate of fresh college graduates in the spring of 2019 reached 97.6%. Although the employment rate fluctuated somewhat compared with last year, the employment market remained a “sellers’ market”.

  • 170元


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province reportedly said that as of January 1, 2019, the minimum standard of basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents in Guangdong province will rise from 148 yuan to 170 yuan per person per month. All regions within the province will grant benefits according to the new standard starting from May. The insufficiency from January to April will be supplemented.

  • 5000


    Recently, JD Logistics reportedly announced that it will recruit 5,000 additionally in the second quarter, mostly as front-line employees and grass-root managers. More than half of them will hold warehouse production and operation positions.

  • 7000


    According to foreign media reports, Ford recently planned to slash 7,000 salaried jobs worldwide by the end of this August, accounting for 10% of white-collar workers in the globe. A Ford spokesman said 1,500 in North America have accepted voluntary buyouts, 800 of whom have been laid off.

  • 8000美元


    According to foreign media reports, recent data from the US talent recruitment platform Glassdoor suggests the median monthly salary of interns in Facebook is US$ 8,000, the highest of all. If calculated on a full-year basis, the salary is far higher than the current national average in the United States.

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