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#322  May 31, 2019    email version


How to calculate the number of years for severance pay when an employee is assigned to a subsidiary?


How to calculate the number of years for severance pay in case of dissolving labor relations with an employee who was assigned to an affiliated subsidiary?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 河北:调整1至6级工伤职工伤残津贴

    Hebei: adjust disability allowance for employees with work-related injuries of grades 1 to 6


    According to media reports, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hebei Province has recently released the main contents of the policy on adjusting work-related injury insurance benefits in Hebei Province. It adjusts the disability allowance for employees with work-related injuries of grades 1 to 6. Monthly benefit raises of respective grades are as follows: 315 yuan for Grade 1 disability, 300 yuan for Grade 2 disability, 285 yuan for Grade 3 disability, 270 yuan for Grade 4 disability, not less than 255 yuan for Grade 5, and not less than 235 yuan for Grade 6.

  • 湖北:企业职工教育经费支出可抵税

    Hubei: expenditure on education of employees of enterprises means tax credit.


    Recently, according to media reports, the Information Office of Hubei Provincial Government held a press conference. At the conference, it was proposed that the amount of employee education expenses incurred by enterprises should not exceed 8% of the total wages, which should be deducted when the taxable income of enterprise income tax is calculated. The exceeded amount, if any, was allowed to be carried forward and deducted in future tax years.

  • 世卫组织:首次将过劳纳入国际疾病分类

    WHO: include overwork in the International Classification of Diseases for the first time


    According to foreign media reports, WHO has recently incorporated “overwork” into the latest revision of the International Classification of Diseases for the first time, officially recognizing it as a chronic disease. According to the description, overwork is “a conceptualized syndrome caused by long-term failure to successfully overcome workplace stress”.

  • 韩国:拟提议延长退休年龄 解决老年人贫困问题

    Korea: propose to postpone the retirement age to solve the poverty problem among the elderly.


    According to foreign media reports, the South Korean government recently plans to introduce a policy of postponing the retirement age of 60 to lift the elderly out of poverty and prevent the working population from declining as a result of the trends of low fertility and aging. In addition, the South Korean government is considering abolishing the seniority wage system.

  • 45万元


    Recently, according to media reports, Tianjin s “Opinions on Improving the Relief System for High-value Medical Expenses of Employees” was ratified by the municipal government. According to it, the maximum payment limit for medical expenses incurred annually by insured persons within the scope of hospitalization (including specific diseases treated in outpatient department) policy rises from 350,000 yuan to 450,000 yuan.

  • 10420元


    BOSS has reportedly compiled the “2019 Insight into Data on Chip Talents”. According to the research, the average monthly salary for chip talents in 2019 is 10,420 yuan, and that for talents with 10 years of working experience is 19,550 yuan, only half of the salary for software talents with the same working years.

  • 6000元


    Reportedly, a report released recently by Zhaopin.com shows that for 70% of fresh graduates of 2019 have a monthly contract salary of less than 6,000 yuan, including 35.77% under 4,000 yuan.

  • 2.5万


    According to foreign media reports, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom recently ordered British Steel to carry out bankruptcy liquidation procedures, and the government-appointed official receiver would take over the UK s second largest steel company. Purportedly, about 25,000 people would face unemployment risk due to the bankruptcy of British Steel.

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