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#323  Jun 07, 2019    email version


Shall an employer make compensation in case of sudden death of re-employed retiree in work?


What should an employer be concerned about if a reemployed retiree does not participate in work-related injury insurance?

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  • 上海:出台全国首个省级涉性侵违法犯罪人员从业限制制度

    Shanghai: Introduce China s first provincial-level system for practice restrictions on persons involved in sexual offenses


    Reportedly, Shanghai has recently issued "Opinions on Instituting a System for Practice Restrictions on Persons Involved in Sexual Offenses". Apart from scrutiny over teachers and other career practitioners who have special responsibilities for minors directly, the system also applies to other career practitioners who have the chance to have close contact with minors, such as security guards. It is reported that this is China s first ever provincial-level system for practice restrictions on persons involved in sexual offenses.

  • 天津:6月1日起 职工生育保险和职工基本医疗保险合并实施

    Tianjin: Maternity insurance for employees and basic medical insurance for employees will be merged from June 1


    Recently, Tianjin five departments including the Bureau of Medical Insurance reportedly issued "Opinions on Merger of Maternity Insurance for Employees and Basic Medical Insurance for Employees in Tianjin”. According to it, maternity insurance for employees and basic medical insurance for employees will be merged from June 1, and employers will pay the premium of new basic medical insurance for employees at the sum of the contributions to maternity insurance and basic medical insurance for employees.

  • 山东:春季整体薪酬向“高薪区间”倾斜

    Shandong: Trend of spring overall compensation toward “High Salary Level”


    According to recent media reports, data show that the overall salary of Shandong province in spring has a trend toward the "high salary level" and that the compensation gap is large. The proportion of salaries higher than 5 thousand yuan is as high as 54.6 percent, of which salaries from 5-7 thousand yuan is the most prominent, accounting for 38.5%.

  • 谷歌:临时工数量超出正式员工

    Google: Temporary workers outnumber regular employees.


    According to foreign media reports, Google has more temporary and contract workers than full-time employees. By March 2019, Google has 102,000 regular employees worldwide, while temporary and contract employees number 121,000. In terms of compensation and benefits, temporary and contract workers are paid far less than regular employees.

  • 94258元


    According to media reports, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued that the average wage of employees in urban unit nationwide was 94,258 yuan in 2018, which served as the upper and lower limits of the contribution bases of old-age insurance, unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance.

  • 57934.88亿


    According to media reports, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Finance and the central bank recently released jointly the 2018 Annual Report on the National Housing Provident Fund. The Report shows that by the end of 2018, the housing provident fund deposit totaled 145,899,977 million yuan, the withdrawal amounted to 8,796,489 million yuan, and the balance of total deposit minus the total withdrawal was 5,793,488 million yuan.

  • 500万


    According to media reports, the latest report released recently by China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University shows that the shortage of China s caregivers for the elderly has reached 5 million even based on the normal 1:3 of completely disabled population care ratio.

  • 1000


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, General Electric has announced plans to lay off about 1,000 people in France, a move that may be frowned upon by the French government which has been urging the company not to lay off workers in France.

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