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#324  Jun 14, 2019    email version


Shall the employer pay the employee who violates the discipline for his/her unused annual leave?


The employer rescinds the labor contract on the grounds that the employee has violated discipline. Can the employer be required to pay for the unused annual leave found after departure?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广东:企业职工养老单位缴费率明年7月前统一

    Guangdong: The pension contribution rate for enterprise employee will be unified by July next year.


    Recently, according to media reports, the four departments of Guangdong province jointly issued the “Notice on opinions on handling some issues concerning the provincial overall planning of basic old-age insurance for enterprise employee", specifying that cities whose employer contribution rate is lower than the unified provincial standard (14%) need to rise progressively to the unified provincial standard by July 1, 2020.

  • 腾讯:调整员工职级体系

    Tencent: Adjust the staff level system


    According to media reports, Tencent recently sent an internal email to reform the company s existing staff level system. Specifically, the original level system containing 6 level and 18 grades (1.1-6.3) has been abolished, the professional level system has been optimized to 14 grades (4-17). According to it, professional labels in different titles have been removed, replaced with "professional level + position/title".

  • 三星:在华最后一家手机厂启动裁员

    Samsung: The last mobile phone factory in China begins layoffs


    According to media reports, Samsung, the world s largest smart phone manufacturer, has recently began laying off workers in its last handset factory in China. The layoffs are reportedly grounded on employees free will, but not mandatory.

  • 报告:中国人职场满意度自评仅过及格线 上海满意度最高

    Report: The Chinese are just above the passing mark in their self-assessment of workplace satisfaction, with Shanghai ranking first.


    According to recent media reports, the latest “2019 China Workplace Social Report" shows that the average score in self-assessment of workplace satisfaction is only 6.6 points across the country, just above the passing mark. Among them, Shanghai ranked first with 7.0 points, while Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou ranked second, third and fourth with 6.9, 6.6 and 6.5 points respectively.

  • 4.9%


    According to media reports, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently released the “2018 Statistics Bulletin on Human Resources and Social Security Development". According to it, by the end of 2018, there were 9.74 million unemployed people registered in urban areas, bringing the registered unemployment rate in urban areas to 3.8%. At the end of the same year, the surveyed unemployment rate across the country was 4.9%.

  • 6.5亿


    According to media reports, the “2018 Beijing Social Insurance Development Report” was released the other day. According to it, Beijing s old-age, medical, unemployment, and work-related injury insurances all had more revenues than expenditures. The expenditure on maternity insurance was 39,000 yuan per capita on an annual basis, and the maternity insurance fund has a shortfall of 650 million yuan in the same year, which would be made up with the balance of maternity insurance rolled and stored.

  • 4000


    Of late, Volkswagen will reportedly slash up to 4,000 ordinary and administrative jobs (non-manufacturing jobs) in Germany, less than originally expected, and increase at least 2,000 IT jobs in the next four years.

  • 1700


    According to foreign media reports, IBM said the other day that it would lay off some 1,700 employees. In response, IBM said, "We are continuing to readjust our team to match our focus on high-value segments of the IT market."

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