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#325  Jun 21, 2019    email version


Does the work on a daily hire basis constitute labor relations?


The company and the worker have agreed that the worker will be paid on a daily basis and subjected to the company's attendance management. Does this situation constitute labor relations?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人人车:发内部信 称将进行新一轮裁员

    Renrenche.com: circulating an internal email announcing a new round of layoffs


    According to media reports, Li Jian, founder of Renrenche.com, recently announced in an internal email that the company s structure, departments and teams will be comprehensively combed, merged and reorganized, and corresponding layoffs will be made. The internal email said that "although the business model of renrenche.com has entered the ‘renrenche 2.0’ stage, the organizational structure is still in stage 1.0." This led to some team morale deviating from the entrepreneurial state, and slowing decision-making and lowering work efficiency."

  • 研究:全球仅有16%的全职员工具有高敬业度

    Research: Only 16% of full-time employees in the world have high professional engagement


    Recently, the ADP Research Institute found in a survey of 19,000 employees across 19 countries that only 16% of respondents said they were "fully engaged". It is reported that among the countries surveyed, China has the lowest proportion of highly engaged employees with 6%.

  • 亚马逊:游戏工作室宣布裁员 多款未发布的游戏被取消

    Amazon: AGS announces layoffs, canceling many games not yet launched


    According to media reports, Amazon Game Studio recently announced layoffs and is currently reorganizing its team. Laid off employees reportedly are given 60 days to find new jobs within Amazon, or they will receive severance pay. In addition, Amazon has also canceled several games not having been launched.

  • 日本:60岁以上工伤死亡率创新高

    Japan: Death rate of work-related injury for those over 60 reaches a record high


    According to foreign media reports, the freshly released work-related injury report by Japan s labor department showed that the death and injury rate of Japanese workers over 60 reached a record high. The number amounts to 33,246 last year, accounting for 26% of the total. This is the largest figure of all since Japan has issued work-related injury reports from 1999.

  • 597万


    Recently, according to media reports, data posted by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that between January and May, 5.97 million new jobs were created in urban areas across the country, completing 54% of the annual goal. In May, the surveyed unemployment rate across the country was 5.0%, the same as last month.

  • 60元


    As reported, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province and the provincial Department of Finance recently issued a "Notice on Adjusting the Basic Old-age Pensions for Retirees in 2019”. It clearly stipulates that from January 1, 2019 onwards, the basic old-age pensions for retirees of enterprises, government agencies and public institutions will be adjusted, with a raise of 60 yuan per capita. More than 6 million retirees across the province will benefit.

  • 4157元


    Recently, according to media reports, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Beijing Municipality recently released a centralized adjustment plan for Beijing’s social security benefits in 2019, continuing to adjust the basic old-age pension for enterprise retirees (including quitting retirees and enterprise-supported retirees). After adjustment, the average pension will reach 4,157 yuan per month.

  • 1.4万


    Recently, according to media reports, zhipin.com sorted and analyzed the “2019 Insight into 5G-related Talent Data". The data show that the average monthly salary for 5G-related talent from January to May of 2019 was 14,110 yuan, 15.7% higher than the average monthly salary of 2018.

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