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#33  Jun 07, 2013    email version


Should physical defects be the lawful reason for the employing unit to unilaterally terminate the employment contract?


It should be noted that the duty of truthful disclosure of the employees is restricted to the basic information of the labor contract. The employees are not obliged to disclose any other information not related to the implementation of the labor contract.

  • 岗位消失与客观情况发生重大变化
  • Position disappearance and major changes in objective circumstances
  • 原岗位消失等情况虽然属于"客观情况发生了重大变化",但不必然导致劳动合同的履行发生变化,如果原岗位消失,仍有近似岗位可安排工作的,则原劳动合同仍可以继续履行。
  • The disappearance of the original position belongs to "major changes in objective circumstances" but not necessarily leads to changes in labor contract fulfillment. If the original position disappears but there are similar positions available, then the original labor contract should be continued.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • “营改增”试点扩至全国税收政策

    The Experiment of Conversion of Business Tax to VAT will be Expanded to the Whole Nation


    Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly promulgated a Notice on Implementing Experimental Tax Policy of Converting Business Tax to VAT in Transportation Industry and Part of Modern Service in the Nation, further confirming to expand the tax policy of converting business tax to VAT to the whole nation as of Aug. 1st of this year.

  • 深圳拟明确失业保险缴费年限认定办法

    Shenzhen Plans to Define the Method for Determining the Number of Years of Payment for Unemployment Insurance


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shenzhen asked for public opinions concerning the Method of Determining Equivalent Number of Years of Payment for Unemployment Insurance of Shenzhen. The Method plans to stipulate, from Jan. 22nd, 1999 to Dec. 31st, 2012, the actual years of payment for social insurance by the employees with this city's registered residence will be regarded as the years of payment for unemployment insurance.

  • 广东6月开始发放高温津贴

    Guangdong Begins to Issue High-temperature Allowance from June


    According to the Method for Protection of Labor under High Temperature of Guangdong Province, from June to October, the standard of high-temperature allowance is 6.9 yuan/day/person, and the highest standard is 150 yuan/month/person. The enterprise violating this stipulation will be fined up to 10000 yuan.

  • 北京发布企业工资指导线

    Beijing Issued Salary Guideline of Enterprise


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Beijing issued Beijing’s salary guideline of enterprise in 2013, in the form of average growth rate of salary of enterprise’s employee, the specific benchmark of which is 12% with upper limit of 16.5% and lower limit of 5%.

  • 台湾:大陆籍“商务居留”限管理层

    Taiwan: Business Residence of Person from Mainland China is Limited to Management


    The Department of the Interior of Taiwan stated recently that the regulation on residence of person from mainland China will cover a newly-added “business residence”, which can only be applied for by the management personnel, other than any laborers, from mainland China.

  • 76704万


    Recently, the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released a Statistical Report of Development of Human Resources and Social Security in 2012, stating that the employees all over the nation at the end of 2012 amounted to 767.04 million, increasing by 2.84 million comparing with that at the end of the previous year.

  • 48%


    A survey made among the graduates of secondary vocational school in Shanghai showed that the proportion of the graduates assessed as “very satisfactory” and “relatively satisfactory” by employers reaches 48%. And in the mean time, more than a half of employers consider the graduates of secondary vocational school are more accommodated to their present work posts.

  • 7112


    A survey made by a domestic organization on the per capita income of large- and medium-sized cities of the nation in the 1st quarter of 2013 showed that Shanghai’s average monthly salary is 7112 yuan, ranking the first, and Shenzhen and Beijing follow it closely, reaching 6787 yuan and 5453 yuan respectively.

  • 3494


    A Report of Survey of Employment Pressure of Chinese College Students in 2013 showed that the expected monthly salary of college students was kept low, among which, junior college student's expected salary is 3444 yuan, undergraduate’s is 3494 yuan, postgraduate’s is 4879 yuan, and doctoral student’s is 6000 yuan.

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