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#333  Aug 16, 2019    email version


Does a new employer have to “pay the cost of” paid annual leave for the original employer?


Is it reasonable for a new recruit to ask for the paid annual leave that should have been taken during the service in the original employer?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:法人单位从业人员平均工资替代职工平均工资

    Beijing: Average wages of employees in legal entities substitute for those of employees


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Beijing has reportedly decided that the average wages of employees in Beijing-based legal entities, as published by the municipal statistics department, will be taken as the average wages of urban employees stipulated in labor laws and regulations. It is reported that in 2018, the average wages of employees in Beijing-based legal entities was 127,107 yuan (with an average monthly salary of 10,592.25 yuan).

  • 人社部:对未就业毕业生提供不少于3次有针对性岗位推介

    MOHRSS: To provide no less than 3 targeted job recommendations for unemployed graduates


    Recently, the MOHRSS reportedly issued a notice on the implementation of the 2019 employment service for nationwide college graduates. Among them, it is proposed to organize no less than 2 special on-campus job fairs and no less than 3 targeted job recommendations for unemployed college graduates of 2019 who have the intention of employment, and unemployed college graduates of previous years.

  • 江苏高院:不安排年假 单位赔3倍工资

    Jiangsu High People’s Court: Employer gives 3 times the pay if not scheduling annual leave


    Recently, Jiangsu High People’s Court reportedly issued an opinion that the court will support those employees who claim 300% of their daily pay for unused paid annual leave against their employer not scheduling annual leave.

  • 成都:新经济组织应为非全日制员工参加工伤保险

    Chengdu: New economic organizations shall cover non-full-time employees with work-related injury insurance


    Recently, Chengdu has reportedly issued “Trial Implementation Opinions to Promote Social Insurance Coverage of Employees in New Economy and New Industries”. It specifies that if new economic organizations use non-full-time employees, they will participate in the basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance for urban employees as persons in flexible employment. At the same time, the new economic organizations shall cover them with work-related injury insurances.

  • 180元


    Reportedly, in order to further improve the basic old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents in Guangdong Province, the “Measures for the Implementation of Basic Old-age Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents in Guangdong Province” is reportedly to be revised. According to the exposure draft, the individual contribution standard for urban and rural old-age insurances in Guangdong is to be adjusted from 10 levels to 9 levels, with the lowest level being 180 yuan.

  • 100万


    Recently, according to media reports, the Organization Department of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province have introduced “the Recruitment Plan of Guangdong Province for Postdoctoral Talent" and set about on-line application. Among them, doctors from the world’s top 200 overseas universities are eligible for research grants of up to 1 million yuan for their post-doctoral research work in Guangdong.

  • 300万


    Reportedly, the "Implementation Plan" recently issued by the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government clearly states that more than 3 million people will be trained from 2019 to 2021, of whom more than 770,000 will be trained this year.

  • 8229元


    Reportedly, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuhan recently released jointly with the Development Strategy Institute the “Employment Prosperity Index Report for the First Half of 2019”. Data in the report show that Wuhan’s average pay this summer is 8,229 yuan/month, pushing its way into top ten across the country.

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