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#335  Aug 30, 2019    email version


Can a crushing injury caused by customer due to "unsatisfactory service" be identified as a work-related injury ?


An employee was brutally wounded by the customer with a wine bottle due to "unsatisfactory service", and then received civil compensation. Can such an injury be identified as a work-related injury?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人大常委:以“硬性指标”保证女性就业占一定比例

    NPC standing committee: Ensure a certain proportion of female employment as a rigid target


    Reportedly, at the 12nd session of the 13rd national people’s congress standing committee held the other day, more than one NPC standing committee member called on attention to sexual discrimination in employment, suggesting state-owned enterprises, public institutions and government bodies setting a certain proportion of female employment as a rigid target.

  • 广东:“拉黑”职业病防控措施不达标单位

    Guangdong: Blacklist entities not having in place appropriate prevention and control measures against occupational diseases


    Recently, Guangdong province reportedly issued the Notice on Establishing the System to Release Regularly the List of Responsibility Subjects Not Having in Place Appropriate Prevention and Control Measures against Occupational Diseases. It clearly states that employers, on an annual basis, having 3 or more new occupational disease cases and/or with 100 or more employees exposed to occupational hazards in working place would be put under intensive scrutiny. Such employers would be subject to legal punishment and shutdown, and be blacklisted.

  • 山东:一级工伤职工伤残津贴月均增加190元

    Shandong: Monthly disability allowance for employees with Grade 1 work-related injury rises by 190 yuan on average


    Recently, Shandong province reportedly issued the Notice on Adjusting Standards of 2019 for Disability Allowance and Living Care Fee for Employees with Work-related Injuries of Grades 1-4 and Pension for Dependents of Employees Dead in Work-related Accidents. According to it, monthly disability allowances for employees with work-related injuries of Grades 1-4 will increase by 190 yuan, 180 yuan, 170 yuan and 160 yuan, respectively.

  • 谷歌:禁止员工工作场合辩论政治

    Google: To restrain employees from debating politics publicly


    Recently, Google reportedly introduced new community guidelines. As stipulated, employees are not allowed to debate or give speeches on political topics at workplace, including the company’s internal e-mails and forums. This has changed its corporate culture that used to be open.

  • 73.7%


    Recently, Xia Jiechang, deputy director at National Academy of Economic Strategy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has reportedly released the research achievement that the added value of the service industry accounts for 52.2% in 2018, contributing 59.7% to GDP. It is estimated that by 2020, the added value of the service industry will account for 56.7% of GDP, and 73.7% by 2030.

  • 8%

    近日,据媒体报道,青岛市人社局称, 2019年企业工资指导线以2018年全国城镇单位就业人员平均工资为基数,企业职工货币工资增长基准线为8%,上线为11%,下线为4%。

    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Qingdao reportedly said that the enterprise wage guideline of 2019 is based on the average wage of urban employees across the country of 2018. The benchmark for the growth of enterprise employees’monetary wage is 8%, the upper limit being 11%, the lower limit being 4%.

  • 10%


    Reportedly, Yao Jinbo, CEO of 58.com recently released an internal letter to the whole staff. He told that before the end of this year, 10% of vice presidents would be demoted or dismissed, similar to other levels.

  • 1200


    Reportedly, NIO said the other day that it would cut 1,200 more jobs worldwide. It is reported that the layoffs are concentrated mainly in HR, legal, financial and other support departments.

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