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#338  Sep 20, 2019    email version


If an employer doesn’t make overtime pay, is an employee eligible for severance pay when resigning?


Is an employee eligible for severance pay when such employee dissolves the labor contract between the parties on the grounds of the employer’s defaults on overtime payment?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 青岛:单位经营困难可降低公积金缴存比例或缓缴

    Qingdao: Units with operating difficulties are allowed to reduce the deposit ratio of housing provident fund or apply for a holdover


    Recently, according to media reports, the Qingdao Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Center has drafted the “Regulations on Review of Reduction of Deposit Ratio or Holdover of Housing Provident Funds” (Exposure Draft), stating that units with consecutive operating losses of more than two years may apply for a reduction in the deposit ratio, and the respective deposit ratio of the units and employees shall not be less than 1% after the reduction.

  • 天津:出台工伤预防培训费规定

    Tianjin: Provisions on work injury prevention training fees are formulated


    According to recent media reports, Tianjin issued the "Notice on Relevant Issues Concerning the Use of Work Injury Prevention Training Fees", stating that the standard for training fees is 220 yuan/day/person for Class I and 245 yuan/day/person for Class II.

  • 三星:显示器部门推裁员新措施 员工提前退休可补偿三年工资

    Samsung: New layoff measures are introduced by Samsung Display to grant three years’wages to employees who retire prematurely for compensation


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Display has launched an early retirement plan to lay off employees. According to insiders, early retirement compensation includes two and a half years or three years of wages, and an additional 10 million Won (about RMB 59,000 yuan) for each applicant with children. It is reported that employees who have worked in the company for more than five years shall be entitled to apply.

  • 亚马逊:被上千名员工要求2030年前实现净零碳排放

    Amazon: Asked by thousands of employees to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030


    According to recent media reports, more than 1,000 Amazon employees have decided to join the strike on September 20. Meanwhile, they have put forward three major demands: to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, to stop providing customized Amazon cloud computing (AWS) services for petrochemical enterprises, and to stop sponsoring politicians or lobby groups opposing climate legislation.

  • 89.5%


    According to recent media reports, data posted by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that between January and August, 9.84 million new jobs were created in urban areas across the country, completing 89.5% of the annual goal. Enterprise employees nationwide work 46.6 hours on average per week in August, 0.1 hour longer than the last month.

  • 1826万


    According to recent media reports, the research group of the School of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China released the "Didi Chuxing Platform Employment System and Employment Quantity Calculation Report". It shows that in 2018, Didi Chuxing platform has driven 18.26 million jobs in China.

  • 70%


    According to recent media reports, Yili disclosed a new stock incentive plan. The new plan raises the evaluation indicator of ROE from “not less than 15%” to “not less than 20%” and adds an indicator that the annual cash dividend ratio is not less than 70%.

  • 90亿美元


    According to recent media reports, the Volkswagen Group plans to integrate its software business and invest $9 billion in the next three to five years. It is reported that the number of software engineers in the group will increase to 10,000 in the future.

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