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#343  Nov 01, 2019    email version


Does it constitute a violation of discipline for employees who refuse to retweet work information in their moments of WeChat?


Can refusing to retweet work information in the moments of WeChat be deemed as a violation of the rules and regulations of the company?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 西安:老年人患病住院期间 子女可休带薪护理假

    Xi’an: Child may take paid care leave whose aged parent is hospitalized


    Reportedly, Regulations of Xi’an for Promoting Pension Service (Revised Draft) was recently submitted for deliberation. It is stipulated that during the hospitalization of the aged parent, his/her child’s employer should support the care leave, giving the only child a total of 20 days’ nursing per year, and the non-only child a total of 10 days of nursing per year, and that they shall receive the same pay as during normal work.

  • 吉林:调整工伤保险待遇标准 一级伤残每月增加228元

    Jilin: To adjust standards for work-related injury insurance, up 228 yuan per month for Grade I disability


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jilin Province issued the "Notice on the Adjustment and Determination of the 2019 Work-related Injury Insurance Standards" to adjust and determine the standards for work-related injury insurance. Among them, the allowances for Grades 1-6 disability is increased by 228 yuan, 218 yuan, 208 yuan, 198 yuan, 188 yuan and 168 yuan respectively.

  • 香港:开始规划退休平均年龄为42岁

    Hong Kong: Start planing life after retirement at the average age of 42 years old


    Reportedly, the latest survey shows that 65% of Hong Kong respondents regard life as the biggest saving motive. In addition, Hong Kong people begin to plan retirement at 42 years old, that is 20 years after they start working.

  • WeWork:推迟裁员 因已付不起遣散费

    WeWork: To postpone layoffs for inability to give severance pay


    Recently, it’s reported that WeWork had to announce the postponement of mass layoffs due to lack of sufficient money to cover severance pay to employees to be laid off. Earlier, WeWork would reportedly slash its workforce by about 2,000, or appropriately 16 percent.

  • 1000万元


    Recently, Tongzhou District of Beijing reportedly issued rules for implementing “Several Measures to Accelerate the Development of High-tech Industry in Sub-centers of Beijing”. It suggests a maximum reward of 50 million yuan for each newly established licensed financial institution, a maximum reward of 10 million yuan for each head office, and a one-off grant of up to 10 million yuan for each newly settled company listed on the main board.

  • 7.1%


    Recently, Hainan province reportedly issued its “Opinions on the Guideline for Increase in Enterprise Wages of Hainan Province in 2019”. It specifies that the basic control target of monetary wages for employees in 2019 is 7.1%. The maximum growth rate of monetary wage generally does not exceed 8.9%. The minimum growth rate is 3.4%.

  • 1432元


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Guizhou Province reportedly said that it intended to adjust unitedly the unemployment insurance premium standard of Guizhou province to 1,432 yuan per person per month, and the unemployment insurance premium standard for deep poverty areas is to be adjusted to 1,611 yuan per person per month.

  • 2214.53万


    Recently, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway reportedly issued a prospectus for public issue of A-share stock. According to it, as of September 30, 2019, assets of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway total 187,079 million yuan, its employees number 67 (including secondees), and assets managed per capita value 2,792 million yuan. In the first three quarters of 2019, the employee’s pay amounted to 22,145,300 yuan.

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