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#344  Nov 08, 2019    email version


What is the standard for disability allowance?


An employee sustained a work-related injury three years ago and asks the company to pay the disability allowance this year on account of physical deterioration. What is the standard for disability allowance?

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  • 最高法:拖欠农民工工资最高可获刑7年

    The Supreme People’s Court: A sentence of up to 7 years may be given for default on pays to peasant workers


    Reportedly, the Supreme People’s Court said recently that any refusal to pay workers labor remuneration shall be investigated for criminal responsibilities according to law should no payments be made as ordered by the competent authority. In case the labor remuneration refused to be paid is in a relatively large amount, whoever refuses to pay as ordered by the competent authority shall be sentenced to an imprisonment or criminal detention of three years or less and be fined. If the preceding conditions are accompanied with serious consequences, defaulters shall be sentenced to more than three years but less than seven years in prison.

  • 广东:失业保险金标准由最低工资标准的80%调高到90%

    Guangdong: Unemployment insurance premiums will rise from 80% to 90% of the minimum wage standard


    Reportedly, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province recently drafted the "Regulations of Guangdong Province on Unemployment Insurance (Recommended Draft)”. It states the unemployment insurance fund should be raised overall at the provincial level, that the funds will be collected and spent in a unified way following overall raising at the provincial level, and that there will be no need for each city to pay the adjustment funds. The standard for unemployment insurance premium will be raised from 80% to 90% of the minimum wage standard.

  • 微软日本:公布“上四休三”新工作制结果 员工效率提高40%

    Microsoft Japan posted the results of the new work schedule of “Four Weekdays and Three Days Off”, improving employee efficiency by 40%


    Recently, Microsoft Japan reportedly posted the reform results of the new work schedule of "Four Weekdays and Three Days Off” for this August. The results show that after the trial of the new work schedule, the “labor productivity” rose by 39.9% compared with last August.

  • 美国:过半数员工表示在职场中看过或遭受过歧视

    US: More than half of employees said they have seen or experienced discrimination in the workplace


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, a US survey shows that more than half (61%) of US employees have witnessed or experienced certain form of workplace discrimination. In terms of specific discrimination form, 45% of the respondents witnessed or experienced age discrimination, followed by racial discrimination (42%), gender discrimination (42%) and LGBTQ discrimination (33%).

  • 1528元


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Qingdao City reportedly said the unemployment insurance benefit would be raised from 70% to 80% of the local minimum wage standard, as of November 1, 2019. Following the adjustment, the benefit per person per month will rise from 1,337 yuan to 1,528 yuan.

  • 4600元


    Recently, Jilin Provincial Social Medical Insurance Administration reportedly issued the "Notice on the Adjustment of Maternity Insurance-related Benefits for Urban Employees in Jilin Province”. It specifies that male employees participating in maternity insurance may receive 15 days of maternity care allowance during their spouses’childbearing period. The allowance standard will be calculated and paid based on the local average social wage of last year. In 2019, the maternity care allowance standard will rise to 4,600 yuan for organs and public institutions directly under the provincial authorities.

  • 56.5%


    Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Survey Corps under the National Bureau of Statistics reportedly said that in the third quarter, the female labor participation rate was 56.5%, 9.1% lower than the overall average labor participation rate and 18.1% lower than the male labor participation rate.

  • 1.6万元


    Recently, the “2019 Report on Supply, Demand and Development of Block Chain Talent" reportedly released by Zhaopin.com shows that the recruitment compensation in the block chain field has continued to hover around 16,000 yuan/ month for the past two years, significantly higher than the national average.

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