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Where an employee claims overtime pay but there is no supporting evidence, how should the court rule?


Where an employee claims overtime pay but he or she cannot provide any supporting evidence, how should the court rule?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广东:拟调整一次性失业保险金计发标准

    Guangdong: Plans to adjust one-time unemployment insurance benefit standard


    Recently, according to media reports, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province recently drafted a "Notice on Adjusting the Standard for Calculating and Distributing One-time Unemployment Insurance Benefits (Exposure Draft)", proposing that unemployed persons should be paid one month of one-time unemployment insurance benefits for every 12 months of insurance coverage, with the maximum period not exceeding 24 months. The monthly benefit shall be 90% of the monthly minimum wage of the prefecture-level city where the insured is located.

  • 浙江:全国首个全流程网上劳动人事争议调解仲裁平台上线

    Zhejiang: China’s first full-process online labor and personnel dispute mediation and arbitration platform launched


    Recently, according to media reports, the Zhejiang Labor and Personnel Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Online Platform was officially launched, marking a new stage of "Internet + Mediation and Arbitration" in Zhejiang Province. Through this platform, the parties involved in the dispute can complete such operations as applying for mediation, applying for arbitration, submitting evidence, participating in video mediation and online court hearings, checking case progress, and receiving legal documents for mediation and arbitration.

  • 华为:双11为全员多发一个月工资 另有20亿特别奖

    Huawei: One extra month’s salary granted to all employees during Double 11 Shopping Festival with another two-billion special bonus


    According to recent media reports, some Huawei employees broke the news on social networks, stating that Huawei has granted two special bonuses for its employees during Double 11 Shopping Festival. First, each employee is granted an extra month’s salary. Second, the personnel involved in the switch of domestic components is given a special bonus of 2 billion yuan. The above-mentioned two bonuses will not affect Huawei’s bonus package.

  • 苹果:升级新生儿父母员工福利 额外4周缓冲期

    Apple: Upgrades newborn parents’ employee benefits with additional buffer period of 4 weeks


    Recently, according to media reports, Apple announced a new employee benefit plan: On the basis of the previous 16 weeks of leave, parents who have just given birth will be granted an additional buffer period of 4 weeks. During this period, they receive the same remuneration as full-time employees, but can work flexibly.

  • 30万


    Recently, according to media reports, Zhejiang’s first "talent entrepreneurship insurance" was officially launched. Among them, the CKB Insurance will give a living allowance to those makers who have failed to start a business upon the approval by relevant departments, with a one-time living allowance of up to 30,000 yuan per person. Hangzhou Yuhang District Government can provide a 100% premium subsidy of up to 300,000 yuan according to the talent grade and project category.

  • 12亿英镑


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, China Jingye Group Co., Ltd. has reached an acquisition agreement with British Steel (Britain’s second largest steel plant), agreeing in principle to acquire the latter for 70 million pounds. In addition, it promised to contribute 1.2 billion pounds in the next ten years, thus saving 5,000 direct jobs and nearly 20,000 jobs in the industrial chain.

  • 1117万股


    According to recent media reports, Anta Sports announced that the company has granted 11.17 million bonus shares to 124 selected employees under the Share Incentive Scheme. It is reported that 1 million bonus shares will be granted to Lai Shixian, executive director of the company.

  • 1100


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, a newsletter issued by Daimler Labor Relations Committee said that Daimler would cut 1,100 leadership positions worldwide, accounting for about 10% of its management.

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