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#350  Dec 20, 2019    email version


How does the employer claim for the losses caused by the employees?


What is the scope of compensation for the losses caused to the employer by the employees? What are the risks?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 两部门:补税不超400元免除汇算清缴

    Two Departments: An overdue tax not exceeding 400 yuan is exempted from final settlement


    According to recent media reports, MOF and SAT jointly issued a public notice stating that residents may be exempted from final settlement of individual aggregate income tax if the annual aggregate income does not exceed 120,000 yuan and final settlement is required, or if the amount of the annual final settlement does not exceed 400 yuan from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020.

  • 湖南:明年3月8日起 女职工每年享受一次妇科检查且计入劳动时间

    Hu’nan: Female employees will enjoy a gynecological examination once a year that will be counted as working hours, starting from March 8 next year


    Reportedly, Hu’nan Province recently issued the Special Provisions on Labor Protection for Female Workers in Hu’nan Province with a total of 23 articles, which stipulates that the employer shall provide a gynecological examination once a year that is counted as working hours, and the examination charge shall be covered by the employer. These Provisions will be implemented as of March 8, 2020.

  • 三星:或关闭重要工厂 员工赔偿N+5

    Samsung: Closing important factory with the employee compensation up to N+5


    According to recent media reports, Samsung is planning to withdraw from "Made in China” scheme. Its follow-up action may be the liquidation of SEMCO in Kunshan, Suzhou, and the employee compensation reaches up to N+5.

  • 德国工会:呼吁亚马逊员工圣诞节罢工 以争取更好条件

    German Labor Union: Call on Amazon employees to strike on Christmas Day for better benefits


    German labor union Verdi recently called on Amazon’s employees in the major logistics centers to continue to strike before Christmas to strive for better wages and working conditions, according to media reports. Verdi declared in a recent statement that the Christmas bonus for employees should be four times the current bonus of 400 euros ($441).

  • 9890元


    The Latest Report on Salary Tendency in Guangdong was recently released. The report said Shenzhen ranked first in Guangdong with an average monthly salary of 9,890 yuan for seven consecutive years, Guangzhou ranked second with 8,973 yuan, and Zhuhai ranked third with 7,861 yuan.

  • 70%


    According to the official data recently released by JD, since the fall campus recruitment was launched six months ago, JD has so far received nearly 130,000 resumes for the Campus Recruitment 2020, and technical posts account for 70% of all offered jobs.

  • 5亿日元


    7-ELEVEN recently announced that due to errors in its calculation program, it didn’t pay the overtime wages to employees of franchised stores in full amount for a long time, with the total unpaid amount reaching 490 million yen (about 32 million yuan).

  • 400万人


    According to recent media reports, US nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released the evaluation report on Raise The Wage Act passed by House of Representatives. It is estimated that if the Act is signed into law, the minimum wage for US employees will be raised to $15 per hour in 2026, which will cause up to 4 million people to lose their jobs.

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