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#351  Dec 27, 2019    email version


May it be deemed absenteeism if employees do not relocate with their company?


The company required its staff members to relocate within three days, who would otherwise be deemed absent from work. Is it legal to do so?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 东莞:工伤待遇案件将全部由仲裁机构做终局裁决

    Dongguan: Arbitrary authority’s award will be final on all work-related injury benefit cases


    Reportedly, the Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Committee of Dongguan adopted the other day the Guidance for Final Award by the Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Committee of Dongguan (Trial). It clearly states that the arbitrary authority’s award will be final on all the work-related injury benefit cases in Dongguan, in order to shorten the time of employee with work-related injury to safeguard legal rights.

  • 腾讯:微信支付获2亿奖金 腾讯云全员发iPhone11Pro

    Tencent: A bonus of 200 Million yuan to WeChat Pay team and iPhone11Pro to each and every member of Tencent Cloud team


    Tencent, dubbed “The Penguin”, recently granted monetary bonus again, according to media. WeChat Pay team was awarded the 2019 Company Founder Prize, wining a bonus of 200 million yuan, besides the year-end bonus (10-month salary up). In parallel, Tencent Cloud achieved the revenue of 10 billion yuan. As a result, each and every member of Tencent Cloud and TEG teams received an iPhone11Pro as bonus.

  • HTC:证实将进行裁员 被裁员工可领两个月年终奖

    HTC:Confirmed the planned layoff and employees laid off can receive a year-end bonus of two month’s salary


    Reportedly, HTC recently confirmed that it would have a new round of layoff and stressed that the operational reforms are for the sake of better development of VIVE and mobile phone business. It’s learned that employees laid off can still receive a year-end bonus of two month’s salary.

  • 韩国:将实行十天家庭照顾假 并允许父母同时休假带孩子

    South Korea: To give ten-day family care leave to both parents at the same time allowing childcare


    According to foreign media, South Korea will give family care leave as of January 1. Employees can take ten days off each year for family member illness, accidents, elder care or childcare. In addition, from February 28 next year, South Korea parents are allowed to take leave in parallel to take care of their child. Both parents are eligible for allowances.

  • 8%


    The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Nanjing issued recently a notice releasing the enterprise wage guidelines of 2019 for Nanjing, according to media. The notice clearly states that the baseline for the enterprise wage growth is 8%, and the bottom line for enterprise wage growth is 3%.

  • 6884

    近日,据媒体报道,智联招聘联合北京大学社会调查研究中心发布调研报告。报告指出,2019年大学生预期收入达到6884元,高出2018年354 元。此外,北京、上海、深圳是大学生毕业后就业工作城市的首选。

    Zhaopin in junction with the Institute of Social Science Survey of Peking University released recently a survey report, according to media. The report points out that the expected income of college students in 2019 reaches 6,884 yuan, 354 yuan higher than 2018. In addition, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the preferred cities for work among college students after graduation.

  • 4000


    Google posted the other day a blog article that it will recruit nearly 4,000 full-time customer support agents in 2020 and set up a new support center in Mississippi, according to foreign media. These moves may ease criticism about its over-reliance on low-cost temporary workers.

  • 17.6万美元


    Starbucks employees working in New York were required to find substitutes when taking sick leave, which violated the Paid Sick Leave Law of New York. The settlement agreement stipulates Starbucks shall pay USD 176,000 in compensation to employees, which may be raised if used up.

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