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#352  Jan 03, 2020    email version


Can the employees take paid annual leave upon consecutive months of sick leave?


Are the employees entitled to paid annual leave of the current year after taking a sick leave for 3 consecutive months?

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  • 人社部:台湾同胞在大陆工作可同等参加职称评审

    MOHRSS: Taiwanese working in mainland China can participate in title appraisal on an equal basis


    According to media reports, MOHRSS recently announced that Taiwanese working in mainland China and meeting the relevant conditions can participate in title appraisal of the corresponding series or level of titles on an equal basis. The projects they participated in and achievements they obtained in Taiwan are equally regarded as professional performance in mainland China, and work experience in Taiwan is also equally regarded as that in mainland China, according to the requirements of title appraisal.

  • 济南:本科毕业三年内免费乘坐公交地铁

    Ji’nan: Free bus & subway ride for bachelors within three years of graduation


    According to media reports, the official website of Ji’nan municipal government recently announced that this year’s graduates with bachelor degree or above working from 2019 in Jinan administrative region could apply for “Ji’nan Talents Transportation Card” for free bus and subway ride. This policy will take effect on New Year’s Day.

  • 腾讯:反舞弊调查60余人被辞退 10余人被移送司法机关

    Tencent: More than 60 employees dismissed and more than 10 employees transferred to judiciary authorities during the anti-fraud investigation


    According to media reports, Tencent Group recently issued an anti-fraud report showing that in the first three quarters of 2019, Tencent’s anti-fraud investigation department found and investigated more than 40 cases of violation of the "high-voltage line”. More than 60 of them were fired for violating the "high-voltage line” and more than 10 employees were transferred to the public security judiciary authorities for suspected illegal crimes.

  • 滨江集团:2020年春节放假19天 另设旅游津贴

    Binjiang Real Estate Group: 19 days off for Chinese New Year in 2020 and travel allowance


    According to media reports, due to the sales exceeding 100 billion yuan, the board of directors of Binjiang Real Estate Group recently decided to grant a 19-day holiday during Chinese New Year in 2020, during which employees traveling with family members can enjoy travel allowance ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 yuan. An additional 1,000 yuan will be offered as seniority allowance for every additional working year.

  • 8%


    According to media reports, the Hu’nan Human Resources and Social Security Department and General Union recently issued the "Notice on the Guidance Line of Enterprise Wages in Hu’nan for 2019", clarifying that the baseline of enterprise wages in Hunan for 2019 is 8%, with the bottom line being 2% and the top line being 12%.

  • 230元


    According to media reports, the Guangxi Human Resources and Social Security Department recently issued the "Notice on Adjusting the Benefits of Wok-related Injury Insurance in 2019", specifying that from January 1, 2019, Guangxi will uniformly adjust the benefits of work-related injury insurance in the region. Disability allowance will increase by 230 yuan per person per month.

  • 7.8万


    According to recent media reports, more than 50 banks around the world announced staff reduction plans this year, with a total of 77,780 staff laid off, the highest level since 2015.

  • 8.74英镑


    According to foreign media reports, the British government recently announced that from April 1 this year, the national minimum wage will be increased by over 6% to 8.74 pounds per hour (about 11.49 US dollars). This move is expected to achieve the goal of bringing the minimum wage in the UK to 60% of the median income by 2020.

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