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#353  Jan 10, 2020    email version


How should the length of service be calculated upon the regularization of a dispatched worker?


An employee joined the company as a dispatched worker and became a full-time employee two years later. How should the length of service be calculated?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 全国:残疾人就业保障金由单一标准征收调整为分档征收

    China: To adjust the single-standard collection of employment security fund for the disabled to grade-based collection


    China will adjust the single-standard collection of employment security fund for the disabled to grade-based collection, according to recent media reports. Any employer, which arranges employment for the disabled at or above 1% (inclusive) but lower than the required proportion in the same province/ autonomous region/municipality where it’s based, shall pay 50% of the security fund amount payable for less than three years; or 90% of the security fund amount payable for less than three years if below 1%.

  • 广东:调整2019年度工伤保险长期待遇发放标准

    Guangdong: Adjust the 2019 Long-term Benefit Standards for Work-related Injury Insurance


    Reportedly, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province recently issued the “Notice on Adjusting the 2019 Long-term Benefit Standards for Work-related Injury Insurance”. According to it, the fixed amount for Grades I to IV disability will rise by 390 yuan, 368 yuan, 346 yuan and 324 yuan respectively per person per month.

  • Intel:宣布扩大美国员工带薪假福利怀孕将支付多达52周工资

    Intel: Announced to increase paid leave benefits for staff in the US, to pay up to 52 Weeks’ wage for maternity leave


    Intel recently announced that from January 1, 2020, it would increase paid leave benefits for its staff in the US, according to foreign media. The paternity leave will extend over 12 weeks and the short-term insurance, covering maternity leave, will provide up to 52 weeks’ pay. In addition, paid leave can be up to 8 weeks to allow employees to take care of their seriously sick family members.

  • 芬兰:拟推四天工作制 每天上班6小时

    Finland: To propose the four-day work schedule, six working hours per day


    Reportedly, the new female Prime Minister of Finland recently proposed a new work schedule that involves the four-day workweek and six working hours per day.

  • 2200元


    Reportedly, Shaanxi Federation of Trade Unions recently issued “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Measures of Shaanxi for the Administration of Collection and Expenditure of Grassroots Trade Union Funds (As Amended)”. It specifies that trade union funds shall be spent on benefits and consolations, with the benefit standard per member below 2,200 yuan annually in total.

  • 1530元


    It’s reported that the Qinghai government recently issued “Notice on Adjusting Standard of Unemployment Insurance Benefit”, specifying that from January 1, the current unemployment insurance benefit of 1,350 yuan per person per month will rise to 1,530 yuan per person per month throughout the province.

  • 32.6万港元


    Xiaomi recently announced the equity incentive plan to award 48.926 million shares to 1,646 employees, according to media. The incentive amounted to HKD 537 million, or 326,000 HKD per capita, according to the closing price of HKD 10.98 on the same day.

  • 15%


    Eleme recently announced a new goal of the New Year to recruit additional 15% front-line workforce in 2020, according to media. It is reported that this addition will primarily be recruited to posts related to product technology, merchant services, etc.

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