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#357  Feb 28, 2020    email version


Is the resignation report that is not written by the employee himself/herself valid?


The employee claimed that the resignation application was not written by himself, so the resignation was invalid. Is his claim reasonable?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:中小微企业2月到6月免征三项社保费用

    The State Council: Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises exempted from three social insurance premiums from February to June.


    According to recent media reports, the State Council announced that it had decided to reduce the pension, unemployment and work-related injury insurance premiums paid by enterprises from February to June. In all provinces except Hubei, the above-mentioned three types of premiums shall be exempted for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises from February to June, half of the premiums shall be exempted for large enterprises from February to April, and all kinds of insured enterprises in Hubei shall be exempted from February to June.

  • 广东:企业给医学隔离职工发工资有补贴

    Guangdong: Subsidies granted to enterprises paying wages to workers in quarantine period


    According to recent media reports, the Guangdong government has issued the Several Policies and Measures to Further Stabilize and Promote Employment in Guangdong, clearly stating that for the period when employees receive epidemic treatment or are placed under quarantine for medical observation, wages and benefits paid by employers will be subsidized by no more than 50% of the basic old-age insurance contribution base of such employees.

  • 山东:企业复工新招1人奖励千元

    Shandong: A reward of 1,000 yuan for one new recruit during work resumption


    According to recent media reports, the Shandong government has issued the Several Measures on Actively Responding to the Epidemic of NCP and Stabilizing Employment, stating that the enterprises that resume work within one month after February 10, 2020 and recruit new employees signing labor contract for more than one year and paying social insurance premiums, shall be granted a one-off employment subsidy of 1,000 yuan per new recruit.

  • 武汉:企业不裁员、少裁员,返还一定比例失业保险费

    Wuhan: A certain proportion of unemployment insurance premium will be returned to enterprises not laying off workers or reducing layoffs


    According to recent media reports, Wuhan has introduced 21 measures to make it clear that the enterprises with the rate of layoffs not higher than 5.5% shall get a refund of 70% of the unemployment insurance premium actually paid last year.

  • 20000


    According to recent media reports, Vanke Service announced that it would start a recruitment plan for 20,000 people in advance. The positions cover property security, cleaning and maintenance, real estate brokerage and decoration, digital products and development, property experts, markets and marketing, finance, investment and human resources.

  • 20万


    According to recent media reports, Meituan has launched the "Spring Return Plan", which will add 200,000 rider posts and open more than 1,000 school recruitment posts and over 3,000 social recruitment posts for business analysis, business operation and comprehensive functions.

  • 7000元


    According to recent media reports, Zhengzhou Foxconn said that in order to strengthen resumption of work, it would increase rewards. Eligible new employees will receive a reward of 7,000 yuan. Specifically, the first installment of 3,000 yuan will be paid after punching in for 35 days and working for over 60 days, and the remaining 4,000 yuan will be paid after punching in for 55 days and working for over 90 days.

  • 9004元


    According to recent media reports, Zhaopin’s recruitment platform analyzed that in the third week (February 17-21) after the resumption of work, the supply and demand sides showed a trend of recovery. The average recruitment salary is 9,004 yuan, a decrease of 2.35% from the previous month.

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