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#358  Mar 06, 2020    email version


Shall compensation for economic losses be made to an employee if no employment separation certificate has been issued?


Did Wang sustain losses as a result of the company’s failure to issue an employment separation certificate? If yes, how much was the loss?

  • 关于外资企业薪酬制度改革
  • On the reform of salary system in foreign-funded enterprises
  • 外资企业的薪酬制度改革,经过与工会平等协商会议以后,一定要工会或者职工代表表决吗?同意或者不同意,并进行签字?
  • Must the reform of salary system in a foreign-funded enterprise be subject to the votes of the trade union or workers’ representatives, upon equal consultation with the trade union? Is signature required, whether agreed to or not.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 全国总工会:企业应按正常标准向在家上班的职工发放工资

    All-China Federation of Trade Unions: Employers shall pay wages to employees working from home by normal standards


    Reportedly, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions recently issued a Notice on Supporting Safe and Orderly Resumption of Work and Production and Coordinating Labor Relations during the Period of Prevention and Control of the NCP Outbreak. It clearly states that employees working from home in a flexible way shall be paid as during normal working hours.

  • 人社部:开放见习岗位的企业可获补贴

    MOHRSS: Employers that offer internships may be subsidized


    Reportedly, Vice Minister of the MOHRSS You Jun said recently, at a press conference held by the State Council on the joint prevention and control mechanism, that one million graduates will be organized for internship this year and next year, and that those employers who offer internships will be given policy-based subsidies for 3-12 months.

  • 北京:6月底前受疫情影响企业可缓缴公积金

    Beijing: Employers affected by the epidemic may defer contribution to the housing provident fund until the end of June


    Reportedly, Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center has recently issued three temporary supportive policies on the housing provident fund. It clearly states that employers affected by the NCP outbreak can apply to defer contribution to the housing provident fund until June 30, 2020.

  • 吉利:计划于年内发射卫星 正大规模招聘相关人员

    Geely: Satellites are planned to be launched within the year and massive recruitment of relevant talent is underway


    Zhejiang Shikong Daoyu Technology Co., ltd., a subsidiary of Geely Technology Group, has currently finalized the development of its first two satellites, which are expected to be launched into orbit in 2020, according to media. At present, the company is recruiting over 100 persons for nearly 40 positions.

  • 6000


    ByteDance recently announced that more than 6,000 full-time jobs and internships will be available to college students this spring, according to media. It is reported that ByteDance’s spring recruitment will last for nearly 3 months.

  • 8000


    Google recently announced the cancellation of its annual off-line cloud computing conference (an on-line conference will be held instead) due to the virus outbreak, according to media. In Ireland, Google notified 8,000 employees and contractor employees to work remotely from home.

  • 1000


    Reportedly, Three Squirrels released recently a 40-day program for recruiting 1,000 talent. The recruitment for off-line stores accounts for 50%, positions including regional operation managers, financial analysts for physical experience stores, expansion experts, store operation consultants, and others. It is reported that this recruitment accounts for 1/4 of its current headcount.

  • 8875


    The “Weekly Report on Spring Job Competition” published recently by Zhaopin showed that the average compensation offered by employers in the fourth week after the Lunar New Year holiday was 8,875 yuan/month, down 1.42% compared with last week, according to media.

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