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#359  Mar 13, 2020    email version


If an employee is detained administratively, can an employer dismiss him or her directly by absenteeism?


Whether it is regarded as the absenteeism without reason that the employee fails to provide labor during administrative detention?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 中央:城乡社区工作者疫情防控期间患病认定工伤

    Central Government: illness during the epidemic prevention and control period will be identified as a work-related injury for urban and rural community workers


    Reportedly, the Central Leading Group for Response to the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic has issued the Notice on the Full Implementation of Care Measures for Urban and Rural Community Workers on the Front Lines of Epidemic Prevention and Control”. It states that urban and rural community workers who suffer from accident injuries or illness during the epidemic prevention and control period shall be identified as having work-related injuries according to law. Urban and rural community workers infected with NCP or losing their lives as a result of duty performance can enjoy relevant benefits according to regulations.

  • 北京:中小微企业2月至6月社保单位缴费全部免征

    Beijing: Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises will be exempted from all social insurance contributions from February to June


    Reportedly, Beijing has recently issued the Notice on Reducing and Exempting by Stages Social Insurance Contributions for Enterprises in Beijing. It clearly states that from February to June 2020, micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (including individually owned businesses that participate as entities) and other special types of entities will be exempted completely from enterprises’ contributions to three social insurances.

  • 携程:高管自愿降薪 梁建章和孙洁本月开始0薪

    Ctrip: Executives take pay cuts voluntarily, with James Liang and Jane Sun receiving zero salary from this month


    Ctrip Group said recently that its executives would voluntarily take pay cuts until the industry revives, according to media. Ctrip co-founder and chairman of the board James Liang, together with Jane Sun, will receive zero salary from this month until the industry revives. Its other executives also take voluntary pay cuts by at least half their pays. Pay rise will be postponed for other employees, except that front-line employees in the service department are eligible for normal pay rises.

  • 法国:最高法院承认Uber司机身份属于正式员工

    France: its supreme court recognizes Uber drivers as regular employees


    France’s supreme court has recently recognized one Uber driver to have the rights to be treated as an employee of Uber. This ruling may change Uber’s business model thoroughly, requiring the company to pay more taxes and providing more benefits to its drivers, such as paid time-off.

  • 8000


    Tencent reportedly started its spring recruitment of 2020, including 3,000 summer internships and additional vacancies for fresh graduates, and nearly 5,000 social recruitment jobs. Positions offered to school students fall into five categories: technology, product, design, marketing functions and sales.

  • 1500


    NetEase officially started its spring recruitment of interns, according to media. More than 1,500 summer internships will be available to graduates of the class of 2021, and the social recruitment and the campus recruitment of the class of 2020 are also underway.

  • 2000元


    Huawei said recently that it would give a subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person per day to emergency communication engineering support personnel who go deep into dangerous areas of Hubei province, such as designated NCP treatment hospitals and fever clinics, from January 23 till the end of the epidemic in Hubei, according to media.

  • 75%


    SAIC said recently that levels below senior manager would be given a 75% performance pay cut, while senior managers and higher levels will be given full cuts, according to media. The time period for pay cuts is from March to June, with subsequent period subject to the company’s operation.

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