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#361  Mar 27, 2020    email version


May an employee claim compensation for economic losses if no employment separation certificate has been issued?


Did Zhu sustain losses as a result of the company’s failure to issue an employment separation certificate? If yes, how much was the loss?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 江西:今年二季度试行周末2.5天弹性作息

    Jiangxi: To pilot the flexible schedule of a 2.5-day weekend from the second quarter of this year


    Recently, Jiangxi reportedly issued the Notice on Revitalizing Tourism Consumption through “Combination Blow”. It proposes to pilot a flexible schedule of a 2.5-day weekend from the second quarter this year, encouraging officials and employees to go outings at weekends. The working hours reduced due to the flexible schedule will be made up by extending working hours of other workdays.

  • 福建:生育津贴发放天数不少于128天

    Fujian: Maternity allowance of not less than 128 days


    The Regulations of Fujian Province on Labor Protection for Female Employees was reportedly adopted by vote the other day. According to it, the previous maternity allowance based on a 98-day maternity leave will be replaced with “a maternity allowance based on not less than 128 days for female employees giving birth in accordance with the Population and Family Planning Regulation of Fujian Province, with the allowance rising gradually in line with socioeconomic development.”

  • 百度:将全员涨薪 年终奖多加半个月工资

    Baidu: Pay raise for all staff and half a month’s pay may be added to the year-end bonus


    Baidu reportedly held an internal communication meeting the other day. Li Yanhong, its chairman of the board, said at the meeting that this year there would still be a “general pay raise”, the budget for which was greater than last year, and that half a month’s pay might be added to the year-end bonus.

  • Facebook:员工照料新冠肺炎亲属享一个月假期

    Facebook: One-month paid leave for employees to take care of relatives infected with the NCP


    Recently, Facebook reportedly took a new measure of paid leave, which will allow employees to take a paid leave of up to one month to take care of their relatives infected with the NCP.

  • 1500元


    According to media, Shanghai recently issued a notice that it would offer a one-off employment absorption subsidy to key enterprises that supported the epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival. The subsidy will be calculated based on the number of workers actually returning to work during the Spring Festival, according to the standard of 1,500 yuan per person. The subsidy ceiling for each enterprise is 5 million yuan, and the subsidy can only be applied for once.

  • 6500


    Recently, Bestore reportedly posted its full-year recruitment plan for 6,500 posts. This year, recruitment will be carried out via on-line presentation, video interview, and by other on-line recruitment methods. There are posts available to sales talent, logistics workers, management personnel, production workers, technicians, etc.

  • 2500


    According to foreign media, General Electric planned to lay off workers in the jetliner engine department. 10% of its staff in US, or around 2,500 employees would be laid off. In addition, its CEO Kulp will forgo all his pays for the rest of 2020.

  • 80%


    According to foreign media, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak told a press conference the other day that the government would give 80% of the pay to all employees unable to work amid the epidemic, with a maximum of 2,500 pounds (about 3,000 US dollars) per month.

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