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#365  Apr 24, 2020    email version


In what way can a post adjustment be considered reasonable and legal?


Is the post adjustment made by the technical company to Wang reasonable?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 湖北武汉:补贴1年社保 鼓励企业吸纳大学生就业

    Wuhan, Hubei: Subsidizing the social insurance premium for one year to encourage enterprises to employ college graduates


    According to recent media reports, Wuhan has introduced 22 measures to support college students to engage in employment or entrepreneurship. It is pointed out that employers who absorb college students graduating in recent 2 years will be granted a one-off employment subsidy of 1,000 yuan per new recruit. In addition, the eligible employers will also enjoy a subsidy of social insurance premium for up to 1 year based on the actual contribution amount.

  • 便利蜂:将上调高绩效员工的年终奖系数 部分员工全年20薪

    Blibee: Year-end bonus coefficient of high-performance employees will be raised, and some employees will receive a 20-month salary for the whole year


    According to recent media reports, Blibee said that it would raise the year-end bonus coefficient of high-performance employees, and the bonus would be increased by 1.05-2.75 times from the original standard based on individual performance, with a cap of 5.5-month salary. In addition to the half-year bonus, employees of Blibee can get up to 20.5 times their basic salary a year.

  • 华夏保险:鼓励45岁以上干部停薪留职

    Hua Insurance: Encouraging managers over the age of 45 to leave with position retained without pay


    According to recent media reports, Hua Insurance issued a notice saying that the company encourages managers of Class B and above (especially those over 45) to leave with their positions retained without pay and start their own businesses for a maximum period of three years upon approval.

  • 迪士尼:本周起停止支付10万余员工薪水 节约开支

    Disney: Ceasing to pay more than 100,000 employees from this week to cut down expenses


    Recently, according to foreign media reports, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Walt Disney Company announced that it would take a "no-pay" measure starting from this week, involving more than 100,000 employees, nearly half of its total staff.

  • 20000


    According to recent media reports, Ping An’s National Recruitment Campaign was launched and the Cloud Recruitment model was fully activated. Over 20 specialized companies within the Group participated in the campaign, releasing about 20,000 jobs to all members of society. The move makes Ping An the largest employer in the National Recruitment Campaign.

  • 8609元


    According to recent media reports, the latest Talent Attraction Report for Q1 of 2020 released by zhipin.com shows that the national average recruitment salary in the first quarter is 8,609 yuan, up by 2.8% year on year.

  • 6656元


    According to recent media reports, the Macao Special Administrative Region passed the Minimum Wage Bill, specifying that the minimum wage, if calculated on a monthly basis, is 6,656 yuan per month; if calculated on a weekly basis, is 1,536 yuan per week; if calculated on a daily basis, is 256 yuan per day; if calculated based on actual production results, is 32 yuan per hour. The bill will take effect as of November 1 this year.

  • 50000


    According to recent media reports, Walmart said last Friday that it would recruit 50,000 more employees in stores, clubs and distribution centers. It is reported that Walmart announced the recruitment of 150,000 temporary workers in late March due to the surge in demand for daily necessities.

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