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#367  May 08, 2020    email version


Can an employer terminate the labor contract with a female employee who refuses to relocate with the company during her lactation period?


How can we deal with such a situation where an employee refuses to relocate with the company during her lactation period?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 天津:两类人群核酸检测 临时纳入工伤保险

    Tianjin: Two Types of People under Nucleic Acid Test, Temporarily Covered by Work-related Injury Insurance


    According to recent media reports, Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau publishes on its website “A Notice on Including COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test and Other Medical Service Items Temporarily in the Scope of Payment for Work-related Injury Insurance Funds” to fulfill this commitment. This document shall be enforced starting from the date it was released till the pandemic terminates.

  • 青海:继续降低失业工伤保险费率

    Qinghai: Continue to Lower the Rates of Unemployment and Work-related Injury Insurance Premiums


    According to recent media reports, Qinghai Province prints and issues “A Notice on Continuing to Reduce the Rates of Unemployment and Work-related Injury Insurance Premiums on a Phased Basis”. The policy of reducing the rates of unemployment and work-related injury insurance premiums will continue to be extended to April 30, 2021, and overall rate of unemployment insurance premium will remain unchanged at 1% (rate for organizations 0.5%, rate for individuals 0.5%).

  • Lyft:裁员近千人 员工减薪10%、高管减薪30%

    Lyft: Downsize nearly One Thousand Employees, Cutting Salary by 10% among the Staff, and 30% among Senior Executives


    According to recent foreign media reports, US’s second largest online ride-hailing platform Lyft announces that the company will downsize 982 employees and set 288 employees to unpaid leave due to the impact of the pandemic of COVID-19 and in order to slash operation expenditures and adjust the cash flow. Besides, the senior executives and vice president will also experience a pay cut of 30% and 20%, respectively, starting from May, while all other employees 10%.

  • 通用电气:航空部将裁员四分之一

    General Electric: Department of Aviation Will Downsize One Quarter


    According to recent media reports, General Electric Corporation expresses it plans to downsize up to 13 thousand employees from its department of aviation in voluntary and non-voluntary forms, which accounts for 25% of the total number of global employees in this department.

  • 1000

    近日,据媒体报道, 湖南省发布《通知》,对企业吸纳登记失业半年以上人员或中小微企业招用毕业年度高校毕业生就业,且签订1年以上劳动合同并按规定缴纳社会保险的,可给予1000元/人的一次性吸纳就业补贴。

    According to recent media reports, Hunan has released a Notice that when an enterprise takes in unemployed persons who are registered for more than half a year or when small- and medium-sized enterprises recruit college graduates during the annual graduation season and sign a labor contract with a term of more than one year and pay social insurance premiums as required, they can be granted a lump sum of employment subsidy of RMB 1000 per capital.

  • 1000


    According to recent media reports, Yan Shou, the person-in-charge of ByteDance game service has released a weitoutiao (an instant text on a content sharing platform of China), claiming that over 1000 people will remain recruited into ByteDance game service in 2020 in order to meet the R&D needs for multiple game product lines.

  • 20%

    近日,据外媒报道,Uber首席技术官图安.法姆(Tuan Pham)宣布辞职,据悉,法姆于2013年加入Uber,是该公司任职时间最长的高管。除此之外,Uber高管正在积极讨论一项成本削减计划,该计划可能涉及裁员至多20%的公司员工。

    According to recent foreign media reports, Tuan Pham, CTO of Uber, has announced his resignation. It is reported that Pham joined Uber in 2013, a senior executive with the longest tenancy in this company. Furthermore, the senior executives of Uber are actively discussing a cost reduction plan which may involve downsizing up to 20% of the corporate staff.

  • 1.2万


    According to recent foreign reports, IAG, parent company of British Airways, expresses that British Airways is giving an official notification to the labor union regarding the proposed restructuring and downsizing plan, which will likely lead to a downsizing of as many as 12,000 employees. As reported, British Airways has previously included 22,626 employees in a vacation plan.

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