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#368  May 15, 2020    email version


Is it valid for the employee handbook to stipulate that the year-end bonus shall only be granted to employees who are on duty at the time of assessment?


It is stipulated in the employee handbook that an employee who has quitted shall not be entitled to year-end bonus. Is this provision valid?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 医保局:社保“第六险”新增试点 单位个人同比例缴费

    Healthcare Security Administration: The sixth social insurance will be added to the pilot program, with businesses and individuals paying the same proportion of contributions


    According to recent media reports, the Health Security Administration released the Exposure Draft to solicit opinions from the general public. The scope of pilot program has expanded to 14 cities (districts) including Shijingshan District of Beijing, Tianjin, Jincheng City of Shanxi Province, etc. The pilot period is 2 years. As reported, the long-term care insurance is contributed in proportion by the businesses and individuals.

  • 苏宁:两大人才工程计划再招数千名应届毕业生

    Suning: Two Talent Programs plan to recruit thousands of fresh graduates


    According to recent media reports, Suning releases its first “cloud job fair”, providing thousands of core positions in a live streaming that are oriented to this year’s graduates all across China. As reported, all these graduates on this job fair will enrich the “1200 program” and the “Internet Shop Manager Program” as a fresh blood of Suning’s talent supply chain.

  • 神龙汽车:将实施竞聘上岗 裁员数量最高达三成

    Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile (DPCA): Compete for a post and downsize the staff by 30% at maximum


    According to recent media reports, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company Ltd. re-started the competition for a post among employees on the other day. This scheme aims at the workers at the production line totalling approximately 5000. Personnel of multiple departments of DPCA say the staff will be downsized by over 30%.

  • 谷歌:大部分员工在2021年之前都将居家办公

    Google: A majority of the staff will work from home before 2021

    近日,据外媒报道,谷歌CEO桑达尔·皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)告诉员工要做好远程工作到10月的准备,甚至可能要到年底。谷歌发言人证实,预计大多数员工都将在2021年之前居家办公。

    According to recent foreign media reports, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, tells the staff to make a preparation for working remotely till October, even perhaps till the end of this year. The spokesperson of Google testifies that a majority of the staff are predicted to work from home before 2021.

  • 2000元


    According to recent media reports, the Information Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government claims that it plans to subsidize this year’s graduates in Guangzhou whose native place is Hubei CNY 2000 per capita for job seeking or startup, and that the subsidies will be granted before late May.

  • 10%


    According to recent media reports, the Human Resources and Social Security Department and Financial Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have jointly printed and distributed the Notice on Improving Unemployment Insurance Premium Standards in this region, which stipulates that the minimum standard of unemployment insurance premium shall be raised to 90% of the minimum wage of class 1 in Guangxi, starting from May 1, 2020.

  • 1300


    According to recent media reports, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Anhui Province claims it will offer assistance for the college graduates of 2020 in Anhui Province whose native place is Hubei by granting 1500 CNY per capita to 1335 such graduates for job seeking or startup.

  • 3700


    According to recent media reports, Uber announces it will reduce the staff by 3700 and permanently shut down 180 driver service centers in the upcoming 2 weeks. The downsizing will affect 14% of its global staff who are mainly engaged in support and recruitment jobs. Also, the CEO has given up the base salary.

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