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#369  May 22, 2020    email version


Is such transfer-position legal?


The company transferred one of its employees from the driver position to the workshop operator position. As the employee failed to report for duty as stipulated, is it legal for the company to terminate the labor contract?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人大代表:建议夫妻一起休产假 延长男性休假天数

    NPC Deputy: Submit the proposal on the couple taking maternity leave together and extending the husband’s days of leave


    According to recent media reports, NPC deputy Lin Yong submitted the proposal on the couple taking maternity leave together and extending the husband’s days of leave in a planned and step-by-step manner. He suggested that the paternity leave and maternity leave should be combined and taken jointly by the couple. Both the husband and wife may apply for extending the current statutory maternity leave to 365 days (total leave for the couple).

  • 民建中央:建议工资总额不再纳入加班工资、福利等非常态收入

    CNDCA: Suggest the gross salary excluding the extraordinary incomes such as overtime pay and welfare


    According to recent media reports, China National Democratic Construction Association proposed to improve the Regulations on the Composition of Gross Salary as early as possible, so as to reduce the components of gross salary and exclude the extraordinary incomes such as overtime pays, holiday benefits, travel subsidies, and communication subsidies.

  • 香港:“保就业”计划设立罚则 重申不得裁员

    Hong Kong: Employment Guarantee Scheme has established penalties, reiterating no layoffs are allowed


    According to recent media reports, Hong Kong has allocated 81 billion Hong Kong dollars to launch the “Employment Guarantee" scheme to provide salary subsidies to eligible employers. The subsidy amount is 50% of each employee’s monthly salary in the specified month, with a cap of 9,000 Hong Kong dollars. In addition, it is reiterated that employers are not allowed to lay off employees during the period of receiving subsidies, and penalties will be imposed if the number of employees is reduced.

  • Twitter:员工可“永远”在家办公 公司放慢招聘速度

    Twitter: Employees may work from home permanently and the company will slow down the progress of recruitment plan


    According to recent foreign media reports, Twitter has released a new policy, which will continue to allow employees to work remotely at home as long as they want. It is reported that Twitter had planned to increase the number of employees by 20% this year. However, due to the spread of the epidemic, the plan has been shelved.

  • 90501元


    It’s reported that the National Bureau of Statistics recently released data on average salary of employees in 2019, showing that the average annual salary of employees in urban non-private units in 2019 was 90,501 yuan, up by 9.8% over the previous year. The average annual salary of employees in urban private units was 53,604 yuan, up by 8.1% over the previous year.

  • 3000元


    According to recent media reports, Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued a Notice clearly stating that colleges and universities in Tianjin will grant a one-time job-hunting subsidy of 3,000 yuan to each fresh graduate of Hubei nationality. Students who meet a number of conditions for graduation in the academic year shall apply only according to one of the conditions and shall not apply repeatedly.

  • 1000


    According to recent media reports, Shandong released a Notice stating that from March 11 to December 31, 2020, when micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises recruit college graduates during the annual graduation season, sign a labor contract with a term of more than one year, and handle the employment registration as required, they can be granted a lump sum of employment subsidy of up to 1000 RMB per capital.

  • 18万


    According to recent media reports, McDonald’s China announced the launching of nationwide recruitment in 2020, with an expected recruitment of more than 180,000 throughout the year to support the rapid business development.

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